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Quiz 2 Study Guide Essay

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Quiz 2 Study Guide

1. In order from beginning to end, the major steps in the SDLC, are:
A) systems analysis/planning; systems design; building the system; testing; and implementation.
B) systems design; testing; building the system; and implementation.
C) systems analysis/planning; systems design; building the system; implementation; and testing.
D) systems analysis/planning; implementation; building the system; and testing.

2. Which of the following basic system functionalities is used to display goods on a Web site?
A) product database
B) digital catalog
C) shopping cart system
D) customer database system

3. Which of the following systems is required to understand the ...view middle of the document...

All of the following are basic functionality provided by e-commerce merchant server software except:
A) a product catalog.
B) marketing software
C) a shopping cart.
D) credit card processing.

12. A template that allows you to build an online store, such as that offered by, is most appropriate for a:
A) medium-sized business with a wide variety of products.
B) small business with a relatively small variety of products.
C) large multinational business.
D) none of the above.

13. Which of the following is not an open source software tool?
A) WebSphere
B) Apache

14. Which of the following types of sites typically needs a high percent of secure pages?
A) web services
B) customer self-service
C) trading
D) publishing/subscription

15. The number of hits per second that a Web site can handle depends on:
A) the number of simultaneous users.
B) the number of network connections the Web site has to the Internet.
C) the bandwidth between the Web site's server and the Internet.
D) the speed of the Web server's processors.

16. The higher the bandwidth available to a Web site:
A) the more visitors can simultaneously access the site.
B) the fewer visitors can simultaneously access the site.
C) the faster the server can process a request.
D) the more degradation the site may experience.

17. Web servers are most efficient at:
A) serving static Web pages.
B) accessing a database.
C) downloading audio and video files.
D) generating dynamic page content.

18. All of the following are important factors in successful e-commerce Web site design except:
A) redundant navigation.
B) legible text.
C) ease of use.
D) extensive animation.

19. ________ is a set of standards for communicating between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and server.
B) ColdFusion
C) JavaScript
D) VBScript

20. ________ is a programming language invented by Netscape used to control the objects on an HTML page and handle interactions with the browser.
A) VBScript
B) ActiveX
C) ColdFusion
D) JavaScript

21. The primary way a Web site is able to personalize the content presented to a visitor is through the use of:
A) privacy policies.
B) cookies.
C) accessibility rules.
D) site management tools.

22. Most complaints to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2007 involved:
A) online credit card fraud.
B) online auction fraud.
C) computer viruses.
D) denial of service attacks.

23. What is the most common type of attack against computer systems?
A) insider abuse of Internet access
B) denial of service
C) financial fraud
D) Web site defacement

24. The overall rate of online credit card fraud is about ________ percent of all online card transactions.
A) 1.7
B) 3.7
C) 5.7
D) 7.7

25. The six key dimensions to e-commerce security are: nonrepudiation, authenticity, availability, integrity, privacy,...

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