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Quiz 1 Egee 101 Essay

2719 words - 11 pages

Lesson 01 Quiz
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|1. |In the United States, which is the most popular method for heating homes? |
| |A. |
| |Electricity |
| | ...view middle of the document...

|What type of lights is typically used outside of buildings, such as Hosler Building at Penn State Main Campus? |
| |A. |
| |Compact Fluorescent |
| | |
| |B. |
| |Fluorescent |
| | |
| |C. |
| |Incandescent |
| | |
| |D. |
| |Natural Gas or Town Gas |
| | |

Sorry, typically incandescent bulbs are not used outside of buildings for lighting in energy conscientious universities. These are the common household light bulbs.
|[pic]|Points Earned: |0/1 |
|Your Response: |C |
|3. |Of the following, which allows the greatest amount of air to flow into a home? |
| |A. |
| |Electric Outlets |
| | |
| |B. |
| |Fire Places |
| | |
| |C. |
| |Windows ...

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