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Quiet Talks On Prayer Book Review

2490 words - 10 pages

Liberty University

Quiet Talks on Prayer
S. D. Gordon

A book review submitted to Dr. Ryan Lister
In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For
The course Evan 670

Liberty Baptist Theological seminary

Curt W Jones

Lynchburg, Virginia
November 10, 2013

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Summary 3
Evaluation and Critique 7
Personal Application 8
Conclusion 10
Bibliography Sources 11

Samuel Dickey Gordon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 12, 1859. With only a public school education and ...view middle of the document...

Each section is also broken down by chapters covering the different areas pertaining to the sections subject matter.
            In the first chapter Gordon informs us that power from God is received through prayer. There is but one inlet of power in life which is the Holy Spirit.[2] This is the power we have within us, but most cannot use, because we do not allow God to be in control of our lives. Along with the inlet there are five outlets of power where by God shows himself through us, through what we are, through what we say, through our service, through our money and through our prayer. Gordon emphases the importance of prayers by saying, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed. But you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed…. We think we can do more where we are through our service: then prayer to give power to service. No—with the blackest underscoring of emphasis, let it be said—NO. We can do nothing of real power until we have done the prayer thing.”[3] Gordon goes on to say that in a spiritual conflict, prayer is the only deciding factor, and that battles are fought here on earth in the spiritual realm. He also gives us in the beginning of the book several forms of prayer; the first being communion, our fellowship with God, followed by petition for one’s self, last with intercession on the behalf of others, and according to Gordon “all true well-rounded prayer will ever have all three elements in it.”[4]
Gordon gives us six facts which are described as underlying prayer; those of the earth that belongs to the Lord, God gave dominion of the earth to man, man who transferred dominion over to somebody else, The kingship of the earth was transferred to the now prince of this world Satan, God through Christ created the ability to transfer the dominion back to man, and the battle between Christ and Satan was fought through Christ’s entire life, was won at His death on Calvary even though Satan not willing to give up his control, must due to Christ victory.[5] Gordon goes on to talk about the influence of prayer to God in that, "Prayer does not influence God" and that, "Prayer surely does influence God."[6] God has the purpose to do the things for us but does not without our consent. Through our prayer we willingly give consent and purposed to God to do the things which we ask that are right. "The fact that prayer does not make any change in God's thought or purpose, reveals His marvelous love in a very tender way."[7] If we look at the Lord’s Prayer there are a couple statements which Gordon breaks down. "Thy will be done," is the great prayer being done everywhere except on this earth and the domain of the spirits confined to this world. The part of the Lord’s Prayer in which those who recite it pray that it occurs here on earth. In the same prayer we find "Deliver us from the evil one," in that each of these two statements is connected to one another.[8] In the second we are asking for our liberation from the devil and...

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