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Quick Trip
Quick Trip has established itself as a dominant company and through that process, has created a workforce that is full of happy employees. In this paper, I will attempt to answer some questions about how these employees and their attitudes affect their work environment and the customers that come in and out of their stores. I will also give some perspective on how other companies can learn from Quick Trip and their employees.
Case Study Review
The case study “QuikTrip: Staffed by Passionate and Compassionate People” (McCuddy), touches on Chester Cadieux’s journey of starting a small business and developing it into the “Forbes List” company it is. Cadieux not only built the $9 billion company, but he has made this a company that has made it onto Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” list. Cadieux says “We’ve been able to compete successfully because of our people. We hire better people, train them better, and pay ...view middle of the document...

This process of emotional contagion, causes the positive emotions to be spread from one employee to another and so on. Managers having good emotional intelligence can control and change employee attitudes by recognizing emotions in their employees and reacting accordingly. By creating this work environment, employees then us employee labor to control their own emotions and create the positive attitude that is recognized in Quick Trip stores by so many. (Nelson & Quick, 2015)
Ethical Treatment of Customers. It appears that Quick Trip has put plenty of emphasis on what it wants its employees to be and how they want to behave. They have put time into hiring top notch personnel to work for their company. By placing these exocentric kind of people within their company, Quick Trip has built an environment that is driven by people with an internal locus of control. By instilling the values Quick Trip insists on through its vision and training, they have used a form of Machiavelianism on their employees. I believe that through all of the aforementioned training and development, Quick Trip has created employees who use their cognitive moral skills to do the right thing and use sound ethical judgement on each other as well as on their customers. (Nelson et al, 2015)
Take-Aways for Others. I believe that other companies could learn from the techniques Quick Trip has used to create the environment it wanted. They filled their stores with a specific type of people that would be conducive to a positive and upbeat atmosphere. By setting a clear code of conduct and providing training for these employees and by putting good leadership in place to maintain it, Quick Trip has developed itself and its employees into a positive and customer friendly company.
I believe it is clear that Chester Cadieux and his partner have created a company that is a very professional and positive work environment. Through employee selection, employee development, and established work practices, Cadieux has developed Quick Trip into a very successful company that other companies can learn from.

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