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Questionnaire Essay

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Principles of Questionnaire Design

Questionnaires are paper- and- pencil instruments designed to gather data from individuals about knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. (Haber and Wood 2006). Linking theory to practice, our group made up of four members spent time investigating everything to do with the principles of questionnaire designs. This essay explores the various stages in designing a questionnaire.

The first stage in designing a questionnaire is to ensure that it is an appropriate method for collecting the survey. (Rees C. 2003).
Critical thinking was paramount in determining the type of research question to use for structuring the questionnaire, which was a survey ...view middle of the document...

Questions were straight forward and not double. There were no negatives, as such; respondents were not confused with type of questions asked.
Answers for questions were precise and not leading. Questions were grouped on the same topic to form a logical sequence and finally questions had a clear layout.
Administering questionnaires to participants required informed consent which is a legal principle. It is a doctrine that determines and regulates participation in research
(Olson, 2003). It was therefore imperative that we gave participants all the necessary information in completing the questionnaire Validity and reliability was another vital key explored during the designing of our questionnaire. Validity refers to whether a measurement instrument accurately measures what is supposed to measure. Reliability of a research instrument on the other hand is defined as the extent to which the instrument yields the same results on repeated measures. (Haber and Wood 2006).
The confidentiality of the information on participants...

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