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Question; Argue Whether Teachers Should Be Evaluated Based On Student Performance

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Question; Argue whether teachers should be evaluated based on student performance


Fairtest 2013 studies clearly present several reasons why teacher evaluations should not solely rest on student test scores. Haertel (2012 p.4) informs that the role of the teacher in school is only critical in the boundaries of the institution and that learning that also takes place out of the school matters even more. Teacher evaluations based on student performance has key measurement errors when results of one year show big scores by a teacher and subsequent years present a different story. Another error forwarded by the author is fade out which suggest that even if students ...view middle of the document...

Article on 19th November 2013 illustrate the country’s debate on the common core learning standards indicates that nationally the results from the system showed only slight gains in reading and mathematics scores.

It is not enough to evaluate teachers based on student performance because the high or low student performance is not only pegged on teaching methodology but a myriad of other factors Haertel (2012 p.4). An unfortunate developing trend in the U.S education is the focus of this paper. The U.S continues to be the engine of innovation mainly because it has the best graduate programs, scientific infrastructure and the best capital markets to take advantage of. However there are serious gaps arising which Friedman calls `the quite crisis’ which suggests that currently the country is not replacing the scientists and engineers at an acceptable level. He cites education gap at the top and at the bottom suggesting the problem of ambition gap (2005 pp.250-275).

Student performance is largely dependent on student’s curiosity and passion of their individual courses. When a student is curious and passionate about a subject he or she is willing to go the extra mile in order to be successful without feeling he is sacrificing too much. The `ability to learn how to learn’ as well put refers to ability to constantly absorb in addition to self teach new ways of doing old things. This is possible to the extent an individual is able to use the right and left brain optimumly.The right education is much about self education the teacher may assist the student to navigate in regard to separating all the facts and lies in modern online library. A better variable to evaluating teacher performance would be ways they use to prompt love for education to their students unfortunately the current evaluation system does not analyze the quality (Friedman 2005 pp.308-325).

Student performance is a variable of the role school program plays in ensuring that the students are doing courses that they are best suited. An ideal evaluation program is one that can identify what individual students not only love but have the greatest chance of being the best in. Before evaluating teachers based on student performance perhaps it would be better to begin with evaluating the school curriculum. Georgia Institute of Technology has devised a skill set and a credential basis that enables students to maximize their potential compared to if they only focused on a narrow set of tools. Liberal arts have been identified as horizontal forms of education as they mainly involve making connections in science, art, politics and history. As the author informs they help students in making connections which is the basis of creativity. It is only possible to make connections by looking backwards to what one has already studied. It is worth considering how well the education program stresses liberal arts (Haertel 2012 p.10; Friedman 2005 pp.309-350).

Student performance...

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