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Quest For Fire Essay

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The movie Quest for Fire is a clear re-enactment of the struggle for the control of fire by early humans. The movie shows the importance of fire during the early evolution of humans, it creates competition between the early human species. The survival of these species depended on their ability obtain and maintain fire. The movies follows the two main early human groups as they go about their daily lives, indifferent form one another. The Main Group – Home Erectus – who are advanced to a certain degree, and the Mud People – Homo Sapiens – the most advanced group at that time. Throughout the movie, it was evident that the Mud People were more advanced in areas such as weaponry and the handling ...view middle of the document...

Allowing greater numbers in times of battle and hunting. A good example of the arrow launchers capability is seen when the main characters get in a fight with other members of the main group after having acquired the arrow launchers made by the Mud People. The characters are faced with some of the strongest men from the main group who are wielding heavy spears. Of course, the spears of the main group do not reach the main characters due to their short striking distance. The main characters that are armed with the arrows launchers kill the attackers with accuracy and minimal effort. In the end, one can clearly see that the Mud People are more technologically advanced than the main group because they have lighter, more accurate weapons, which can be used by every member of the group.
In the move Quest for Fire the Mud People are more technologically advanced than the Main Group in their methods of handling fire. The Main Group acquires fire from natural sources, because they con not make it themselves. They maintain the fire in the form of an amber in a container made of bones, which they use to start bigger fires. Once again, the group has become vulnerable as they depend on the fire for cooking and for a source of heat. Intern they must constantly feed the fire to prevent it from going out which would be devastating for them. A good example of their vulnerability occurs...

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