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Quantum Computing Essay

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As we can see the size of our computers transformed from desktops, laptops , netbooks , rolltops……..etc here is a new world of technology which can drastically decrease the size of our computers……may be from MACROs to MICROs!!!

A new computer processor based on science of quantum mechanics was created at the research institute of the University of Michigan. This will be the starting point for the new generations of processors. These processors are responsible for quantum computing.

Quantum computing Technologies based on Principles of Quantum Theory. Quantum computing is the combination of quantum computer and ...view middle of the document...

Forty qubits could have the same power as modern supercomputers
History of Quantum Computing

Quantum computer is historically based on Church Turing principle i.e. “There exists or can be built a universal quantum computer that can be programmed to perform any computational task that can be performed by any physical object”. It was first discovered by Richard Feynman in 1982 and David Albert made the second discovery in 1984 when he described a ‘self measuring quantum automaton’. The final and perhaps most important discovery of quantum computing was made by David Deutsch in 1989, he proved that all the computational capabilities of any finite machine obeying the laws of quantum computation are contained in a single machine called as a ‘universal quantum computer.

The Major Difference between Quantum and Classical
The memory of a classical computer is a string of 0s and 1s, and it can perform calculations on only one set of numbers simultaneously. The memory of a quantum computer is a quantum state that can be a superposition of different numbers. A quantum computer can do an arbitrary reversible classical computation on all the numbers simultaneously. Performing a computation on many different numbers at the same time and then interfering all the results to get a single answer, makes a quantum computer much powerful than a classical one.

The Potential and Power of Quantum Computing


Quantum computer with 500 qubits gives 2500 superposition states. Each state would be classically equivalent to a single list of 500 1's and 0's. Such computer could operate on 2500 states simultaneously. Eventually, observing the system would cause it to collapse into a single quantum state corresponding to a single answer, a single list of 500 1's and 0's, as dictated by the measurement axiom of quantum mechanics. This kind of computer is equivalent to a classical computer with approximately 10150 processors.
Applications of Quantum Computing:
There are many applications but some valuable applications are, due to its high speed it really applicable on different aspects of technologies.
1. Basically laws of quantum are based on Superposition Principle i.e. atoms are present in many form of energy.
2. Quantum computers are able to perform non classical logic operations and can be used to solve computationally intractable problems that cannot be solved by conventional massively parallel supercomputers.
3. One of the major applications of quantum computing is Data encryption.
A quantum computer gets its power by taking advantage of certain quantum properties of atoms or nuclei that allow them to work together as quantum bits, or "qubits," which serve simultaneously as the computer's processor and memory . By directing the interactions between qubits while keeping them isolated from the external environment, scientists enable a quantum computer to perform certain calculations, such as factoring, exponentially faster than...

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