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Quantitative Methods And Analysis Ip U1

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Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Statistics
Jeanna Starr
American InterContinental University

A data analysis was done on job satisfaction for the company AIU categorized by age, gender, tenure, position, and department. Overall job satisfaction as well as intrinsic (satisfaction with the actual performance of the job) and extrinsic (office location or work colleagues) job satisfaction were considered in this survey.

AIU assembled a team of researchers to study job satisfaction. I was selected as part of a group to participate in a massive global undertaking. The study required me to examine data and analyze the results. The study consists of job ...view middle of the document...

The mean, mode, standard deviation and count are important in the quantitative data analysis because these types of statistical information hold value in the decision-making process. These statistics give the company a clear understanding of where their employees’ intrinsic job satisfaction lies.
Descriptive statistics: Qualitative variable

Explanation of descriptive statistics
Descriptive statistics represent or summarize the entire set of measurements of the data being analyzed. In this case, I analyzed gender within the company. These statistics show that the mean is 1.5, which is the average. This is the sum of all measurements divided by the number of measurements. The mean shows there are the same number of males as females. The mode is the number of the data showing the greatest frequency. The descriptive statistics show that the number “1” is the most frequent number. This means that males are showing more frequent than females although this is not accurate but the data analysis had to result in a number so it chose males. Due to the fact that there are an equal number of females as there are males, these descriptive statistics hold little to no value.
Descriptive statistics: Quantitative variable
Explanation of descriptive statistics
Explain what these descriptive statistics represent or what recommendations you would make to AIU. What information do you now have as a result of processing this data?
Chart/Graph for qualitative variable
Description of Chart
The qualitative data shows that there are twenty-seven males and twenty-seven females employed by AIU.
Chart/Graph for quantitative variable

Description of Chart
The chart above shows that four people rated their intrinsic job satisfaction at 2.99, fourteen people rated their intrinsic job satisfaction at 4.99, thirty-two people rated their satisfaction at 5.99,...

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