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Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methods Paper

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Paper
Obbie Brown

Appropriate Academic Research
An appropriate academic research can be defined as the research and the experimental developments which comprise creative works which are conducted on a systematic basis with an aim of increasing the pool of an individual’s or a group’s knowledge. The knowledge could include the in-depth knowledge of mankind, culture and the society. The stock of knowledge is then used to devise alternative solutions to the existing problems (Brew & Lucas, 2009).
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Relationship to Human Behavior and Scientific Methods
The two research methods (qualitative and quantitative), are related in one way or another. For example quantitative data is in most cases followed by a qualitative analysis which is used in the exploration of some findings further. In the same capacity, qualitative research provides insights into the setting of a problem and the formulation of ideas and hypothesis for the conduct of a quantitative research. In the perspective of the scientific method, qualitative research is more exploratory and provides a bottom-up approach whereby the researcher designs new hypothesis and theories from the data collected. Conversely, the quantitative data provides a confirmatory or top-down approach where the researcher tests the hypothesis formed in the qualitative research. With respect to human behavior, qualitative data perceives it as dynamic, situational, social and personal. Quantitative data on the other hand perceives the human behavior as regular and predictable (Thomas, 2003).
The Choice of Research Methodology
Quantitative research is important when the phenomena or the concept being researched on entails and investigation of the cause and effect relationship. This because the quantitative research mostly concentrates on the general case and moves towards the specific. In other words it is a deductive approach that focuses on the potential cause of something then goes ahead to verify the potential effects. For example if a very strong relationship prevails between two variables, the cause and effect is termed as highly probable or most likely. Such a relationship is observed in the purchasing behavior of internet shoppers who place items on the online shopping baskets but do not complete majority of the purchases is quite different from the purchasing behavior of internet shoppers who do not use the online basket to hold items they never buy. The effect in this case that necessitates a quantitative research is that, the internet shoppers who have a habit of placing items on the online shopping baskets but do not complete the purchase have a high tendency of returning to the same website and complete the purchase (Kothari, 2005).
On the other hand, qualitative research is elected when the specifics of a phenomenon are known and the researcher seeks to know the general. In the course of data collection and analysis, patterns emerge. The patterns lead the researcher to pursue different concepts and perspectives. For example the data on the specific consumer interviews, website user observations and field notes, the researcher can conclude that the online shoppers do window shop as illustrated by the habit of leaving items on their online shopping baskets. This behavior contributes to feelings of familiarity...

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