Quality Perspective Of Ben And Jerry's

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A Quality Perspective of Ben and Jerry’s

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Creative flavor names and quality products are just one part of Ben and Jerry’s,

Inc. They are also deeply committed to economic and social causes, as stated in their

three mission statements. Moving from selling ice cream in a little store on a corner to

being distributed globally, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield dedicated themselves and

their company to create a corporation that is fully aware of the local and global

environment. Upon examination of the events that occurred during the process, it

becomes clear that Ben and Jerry successfully ...view middle of the document...

These three statements are their Product Mission, Economic Mission and

Social Mission. These statements ignite pride in the hearts of their workforce and also

send a loud, clear message to the world that they are a responsible and accountable

business in a food industry that is ever-evolving. The idea that Ben and Jerry’s product

quality directly impacts the average individual’s quality of life is blatantly articulated in

their Social Mission statement when they declare their desire “To operate the company

in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by

initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally &

internationally” (2).

Although Ben and Jerry’s are currently in great standing and among the leading

producers and distributors of ice cream in the United States, they have not always been

so successful. On April 12, 2000, due to struggling profits and steadily increasing

financial losses, Ben and Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. agreed to a joining of the forces with

Unilever, Inc. These two companies have several things in common, the main point

being that they are both ice cream producers and distributors. This agreement between

Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever, Inc. declared that Ben and Jerry’s would operate

separately from Unilever’s ice cream business in the United States but that the

management decisions for Ben and Jerry’s would be made by a newly formed Board of

Directors consisting of members from both Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever are corporate


Due to the ultra-competitive nature of Ben and Jerry’s market, certain business

figures are sparsely published. Based on this scarcity of quantitative statistics, this

paper will speak to the qualitative data that is widespread and ripe for analysis. In this

paper, we will review the various quality initiatives that were set in place within the Ben

and Jerry’s organization, the results and ramifications of those initiatives, as well as

ways that we believe Ben and Jerry’s could improve their quality efforts.

Chapter 2 – Description of research setting and the quality initiative

“Improving the consistency of the ice cream that goes out the door.” (3) This is

just one of the methods used by Ben and Jerry’s Quality Assurance team, and as a

manager for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, it is important to implement and sustain these

types of quality initiatives.

In implementing a quality initiative, you must first start by figuring out what will

meet and/or exceed your customer’s expectations and requirements, determined

through continuous communication between you and the customers. Ben & Jerry’s is a

great example of a company that has paved the way for using business to effect

positive social change.  One of the quality initiatives that Ben and Jerry’s are involved

with is the Ben...

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