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Quality Paper

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Laneta Washington
Quality in Practice:
Using the Balance Scorecard at USPS
BSOP 588
Professor Walter Mamak
April 3, 2014

There are many different companies that are always focusing on improving their quality management within their organizations. In order for companies to stay at the top of their industry, they must always look to improve and make sure that they are building and meeting all the needs and levels of the business. Many different companies use different techniques and tools to initiate quality management for the business as a whole and then internal and external customers. The ‘Balance Scorecard’ was one of the major tools that USPS used to measure, evaluate, and ...view middle of the document...

Without the employees there will not be an actually runnable business. The employee’s satisfaction directly linked to the organizations business performance. The voice of the employees empowers all employees to take the initiative to promote responsibility to not only better themselves and their job duties; what the entire company as a whole. Starting with the internal processes with have a positive reputation within the voice of the business, this promotes great outcomes.
The Voice of the business should always strive to have the best customer satisfaction, ‘the Voice of the customer. This is because the voice of the customer is what really counts. The voice of the business (management and top management) must plan and evaluate what the needs and the wants are for the customers. ‘Based on organizational strategy and direction, understanding the voice of the business assists in identifying potential projects to aid in moving the organization closer to its goals and objectives,’(Sullivan, 2010). I believe the voice of the business includes top and middle management. These levels of management have the ability to identify the weaknesses and investment opportunities of the business, to generate great customer satisfaction. So, the Voice of the customer can be positive reflecting the business improvements and changes. ‘Customer feedback reveals issues and requirements that feed into the weights and measures used to identify high-value projects. These value levers then feed into the project selection criteria, screening, scope and prioritization steps,’ (Sullivan, 2010). The voice of the business supports the voice of the customers by observing and obtaining the comments and feedback (positive and/or negative) from the customers; more so their external customers. The ability to listening and be proactive to provide the customers with ‘Class A’ customer service and product quality is always good. USPS listened and valued the voice of their customer tremendously. The customers wanted an organization that they could trust to get their time sensitive important packages to their destinations without damage. Not only did USPS grant this to their customers, but by my evaluation they put in place the balance scorecard to go above and beyond for their customers. This is where they promised to focus on providing the customers with providing timely delivered, undamaged packages and the ability that their customers can actually track their mailed packages. The balance scorecard really helped USPS to establish such a great business relationship and communication between the voice of the business and the voice of the customers. With the balance scorecard USPS can always reevaluate and update information to always have continuous improvement and measure accountability towards the customer, which is presented directly from the business, that starts and initiates with the employees. As we see everything in an organization, especially USPS, all levels are...

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