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Quality Of Life Essay

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Quality of life





Discontinuation of life support in this case is the actual ending of life. As a doctor, the best thing I will do in this phenomenon is to respect the will of Mr. Miller and discontinue the life support (Martin et al., n.d). There are conflicting issues regarding the moral status of any panorama of this act. The key issues direct us towards the consequentialist conceptualization regarding the quality of life, and responsibility we have for what we consent to happen, and what we cause directly rather than the deontological idea of moral status (Adams and Nys, 2003). The medical resources are accessible and it is ...view middle of the document...

The aim of clinical treatment is for a patient to consult a physician in a situation (Mappes, 2011). This supports my action of discontinuing the life support; it is ethical and morally right. Any rule, practice, principle or guideline that compromises, frustrates or endangers this goal is unethical and immoral infringement of the ethos of medicine and hence, of the human covenantal rapport that motivates that ethic. In order to prevent more sufferings on the patient who I know will never recover but continue undergoing severe tribulations; the best practice is to end his life according to his wish.

My second defense bases on human autonomy. Each person has autonomy; he has an obligation to make his own intimate and private decisions central to dignity, persona, and autonomy. This right incorporates the right to use some authority over the period and one’s death. Respect for human autonomy is central to bioethics. It is the basis on the liberal, political and moral tradition of human freedom and choice. Mr. Miller was fully conscious when he made the decision on the manner to end his life, and still had the final autonomy over the people involved. Correspondingly, if a patient stated a desire to survive regardless of their awful situation then involuntary euthanasia is a crime and is never permissible (Collins, 2008). Deontologists argue that even though respect to human autonomy is extremely crucial even when the person is ill, this freedom should be limited especially when the patient make choices that are morally wrong. They argue that it is morally right in certain instances to prevent these patients from performing actions, which are morally wrong even if they choose to do so.

Discontinuation of life-sustaining treatment is a passive euthanasia that permits the death of a patient by stopping from beginning certain aspect of medical treatment (Chapple et al., 2006). The clinical officer withdrawing such machine knows well that if he removes the machine the patient will automatically die on...

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