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Quality Management In Optometry/Executive Summary Essay

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Quality Management in Optometry/Executive Summary
By: Sarah Knoll
June, 3rd 2012
University of Phoenix

Quality management is a crucial slice of the optometry organization (vision center) and when used correctly is vital to its success in the world of health care. Some important components of quality management in the vision center are patient satisfaction, quality merchandise, proper training of employees, financial accuracy, good communication between staff and management, and knowledgeable staff. The functions of quality management work together and when everything is run properly, than the most important function of patient satisfaction should be easier for the organization ...view middle of the document...

Having a routine with everything, such as morning paperwork, a closing schedule, good housekeeping, team meetings, and even checking equipment regularly is key to success in quality management. Having a good balance between duties leaves more energy towards good patient service the most important factor. Quality management needs to have a solid understanding of the employees’ roles, as well as their ability to deliver services to patients. When problems occur within the systems to daily duties, employees of the vision center, or patient care than quality management needs to work together with risk management the, area of management that is directly related to risk factors such as these, to get these issues under control so that the excellence of the Vision Center is not compromised.
* Plans for improvement: In health care the quality management must make efforts to continuously stride towards quality improvement. For rapid improvement in health care an approach called the PDSA cycle can be used and utilized making small changes in an isolated area before making big changes. The cycle uses four valid steps recurring through a series of small cycles before growing into the improvements that is meant to happen. Phases such as planning, the do phase, the study phase, and the act phase. When planning the details of the improvement needed are mapped out, and tasks are assigned. In the do phase the plans take action and anything that hinders the ultimate goal will be noted. The study phase looks at all of the details, the errors and the areas that ran smoothly, and decisions are made on what to change. The study phase will also decide if the plan will continue on for more cycles. The act phase uses lessons learned from the study phase to make plan changes and carry out another cycle of phases.
* Patient Safety: One of the top priorities in health care is patient safety. Medical errors and miss diagnosis are leading causes for unsafe patient care. Together with the help of the department managers and their employee’s patient care can be seriously looked and dissected. There is no possible way to completely resolve all the issues that revolve around patient safety; however there are ways to reduce incidents that happen. Plans to work together and check one another in a “buddy check” system will reduce a chance of error. This is because the situation can be viewed through other health care workers eyes, which is sometimes needed to see mistakes. The “buddy check” system works great in optometry when an Optician is working with a patient who has special needs or conditions. For example measure for a bifocal on a patient is a fairly simple task, but when the patient is shaky or has droopy eyes it can be somewhat of a challenge. Having another Optician check the measurements for the bifocal will lessen the chance for error. This will save the Vision Center time and money from costly remakes on lenses, and will also keep the patient from waiting...

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