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Quality Management Assignment I

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Quality Management

Assignment I

Assignment Code: 2014OM08B1 Last Date of Submission: 15th October 2014
Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions. All the questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.

1 Explain the various steps of Benchmarking

2 Using a schematic diagram, explain the five phases of Strategic Quality Management (SQM)

3 How does the conceptual approach to ISO 14001 differ from ISO 9001? Which of the elements in ISO 9001 are similar to ISO 14001?

4 Select one chronic quality-related problem in your organization. In respect to that:
(a) Write a brief problem statement.
(b) Write a mission statement for a ...view middle of the document...

” Kolb decided to inquire a little further and asked Hamler what had happened; he replied, ‘Oh just another quality snafu. We had a little problem on the Greasex line last week ( a specialized degreasing solvent packed in a spray can for high-technology sector) . A little high pressure was found in some cans on the second shift, but a supervisor vented them so that we could ship them out. We met our delivery schedule!” Because Kolb was still relatively unfamiliar with the plant and its products, he asked Hamler to elaborate; painfully Hamler continuted.

We’ve been having some trouble with the new filling equipment and some of the cans were pressurized beyond the upper specification limit.

The production rate is still 50% of standard, about 14 cases per shift, and we caught it halfway into the shift. Mac Evans ( the inspector for that line) picked it up, tagged the cases “hold” , and went on about his duties. When he returned at the end of the shift to write up the rejects, Wayne Simmons, first –line supervisor, was by a pallet of finished goods finishing sealing up a carton of the rejected Greasex; the reject “hold” tags had been removed. He told Mac that he had heard about the high pressure from another inspector at coffee break, had come back, taken off the tags, individually turned the cans upside down and vented every one of them in the eight rejected cartons. He told Mac that production planning was really pushing for the stuff and they couldn’t delay by having it sent through the rework area. He told Mac that he would get on the operator to run the equipment right next time. Mac didn’t write it up but came in about three days ago to tell me about it. Oh, it happens every once in a while and I told him to make sure to check with maintenance to make sure the filling machine was adjusted; and I saw Wayne in the hall and told him that he ought to send the stuff through rework next time.

Kolb was a bit dumbfounded at this and didn’t say much – he didn’t know if this was a big deal or not. When he got to his office he though again what Morganthal, general manager, had said when he hired him. He warned Kolb about the ‘lack of quality attitude’ in the plant and said that Kolb ‘ should try and do something about this’. Monganthal further emphasized the quality problems in the plant: “We have to improve out quality; it’s costing us a lot of money. I’m sure of it, but I can’t prove it!. Hank, you have my full support in this matter; you’re in charge of these quality problems. This downward quality-productivity-turnover spiral has to end!”

The incident had happened a week before; the goods were probably out in the customer’s hands by now, and everyone had forgotten about it (or wanted to) . There seemed to be more pressing problems than this for Kolb to spend his time on, but this continued to nag him. He felt that the quality department was being treated as a joke, and he also felt that this was a personal slap from manufacturing. He...

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