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Quality Improvement Implementation Paper

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Quality Improvement Implementation Paper
“Continual improvement is fundamental to success in the global marketplace” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010, p. 481). An improvement process cannot be implemented and left to run on its own. The process will continually to be monitored and improved upon. “A company that is just maintaining the status quo in such key areas as quality, new product development, adoption of new technologies, and process performance is like a runner who is standing still in a race” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010, p. 481).
Hartman Industries, LLC has hired Team B to draft a proposal with recommendations to improve the company’s manufacturing process. Hartman Industries, LLC is an ...view middle of the document...

Requirements for the System of Improvement
When implementing the Kaizen approach to quality management, one needs to standardize the company process. For a company to know whether the small changes that where made in the organization or improving or hurting the company, the company must first set a control. Setting a control means three things;
“Time Standard: you can conduct business at the same time for the same amount of time” (Derek, 2009 need page number). For example, if an organization has a website, they spend 40 hours a week working on the website. No matter the circumstances when they hit the time standard they stop working.
“Place Standard: Companies can conduct their business at the same place” (Derek, 2009 need page number). Again using the website, if a company works on their website at a base location, they can do this but they have to make sure that they are keeping track of what work they have done on the website from that location.
“Action Standard: Companies can conduct business the same way as usual” (Derek, 2009 need page number ). If the company is a website designer that means they design websites.
The second step in the Kaizen process is to measure the company’s process. If a company does not measure what they are doing, then they will have no way of knowing if their making improvements. For example, money, and time can be two things that a company measures; How much money did the process create? How much money did the process cost the company? How much time does it take the company to complete the process? These are questions of measure a company has to keep track of.
The third step of implementation is to compare where the company is compared to where you want the company to be. In order for this step to work, the organization has to have a clear understanding of where they want the organization to be. Some employees may push for a pay increase compared to others who may want the company to be more efficient. Once the company knows their actual measured results, they should make their desired results higher than the actual results. For example, if you create two websites a week, one should aim for 4.
How the Quality Management System Will Benefit
Organizations that use the Kaizen approach see a process that can improve there organization. There is a continued effort to improve the company through small changes that will be more effective over time; nothing is seen as a status quo. “Small incremental changes add up and result to substantial changes over a long period of time. As a business grows and adapts to its ever changing environment” (Mind Tools, 2011 need page number), Kaizen can be an employee-friendly way to implement change. By using the Kaizen method, all employees are responsible for identifying the gaps and inefficiencies and everyone, at every level in the organization; suggest where improvement can take place.
The Kaizen method helps a company with improvements in productivity, effectiveness,...

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