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Quality Audit Of Paper

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Quality Audit
Of Paper

Paper is a thin material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon or for packaging. It is produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets.
Paper is produced from its pulp either by paper machine (fourdrinier machine) ,or by handmade paper technique.
The Fourdrinier Machine is the basis for most modern papermaking. It is a mechanically automated machine, in which slurry is sprayed uniformly on moving wire bed which is sent to vacuum region and felt rolls to dry out water. It is then send to steam rollers to dry further giving paper.
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Following is the Scope of Accreditation for Testing of the Accredited Laboratories According to ISO/IEC 17025.

1. Research Laboratory Section, Product and Technology Development Center SCG Paper Public Company Limited

Accreditation No. : TESTING 0069

Item/Product Tested | Specific Test/ Range of Measurement | Standard/ Test Method/Technique Used |
Printing and writing paper | − Grammage maximum 300 g/m2 − Thickness 30 - 1 000 µm − Apparent density maximum 2 000 kg/m3 − Tearing resistance maximum 3 200 mN− Tensile strength maximum 25 kN/m | − ISO 536 : 1995 − In-house method : WI-TP-010 based on ISO 536 : 1995 − ISO 534 : 2005 − In-house method : WI-TP-023 based on ISO 534 : 2005 −ISO 534 : 2005 − In-house method : WI-TP-022 based on ISO 534 : 2005 − ISO 1974 : 1990 − In-house method : WI-TP-012 based on ISO 1974 : 1990 − ISO 1924 - 2 : 1994 − In-house method : WI-TP-011 based onISO 1924 - 2 : 1994 |

Item/Product Tested | Specific Test/ Range of Measurement | Standard/ Test Method/Technique Used |
Printing and writing paper | − Roughness(print surf method) | − ISO 8791 - 4 : 1992 |
(grammage less than 300 | 0.6 - 6 µm | − In-house method : |
g/m2) (cont.) | − Roughness(Bendtsen method) 0- 3 000 ml/min − Air permeance 0.35 - 15 µm/(Pa.s)− Porosity (Bendtsen method) 0 - 3 000 ml/min − Water absorption 0 - 500 g/m2 − Specular gloss 30 - 100 gloss unit at 75° with converging beam | WI-TP-027 based on ISO 8791 - 4 : 1992 − ISO 8791 - 2 : 1990 −In-house method : WI-TP-028 based on ISO 8791 - 2 : 1990 − ISO 5636 - 3 : 1992 − In-house method : WI-TP-024 based on ISO 5636 - 3 : 1992− ISO 535 : 1991 − In-house method : WI-TP-025 based on ISO 535 : 1991 – ISO 8254 - 1 : 1999 −In-house method : WI-TP-033 based on ISO 8254 - 1 : 1999 |

Item/Product Tested | Specific Test/ Range of Measurement | Standard/ Test Method/Technique Used |
Printing and writing paper (grammage less than 300 g/m2) (cont.) | − Brightness0 - 100 % at C/2° Illuminant− Opacity0 - 100 %− Colour (CIE L*, a*, b*)± 0 - 100 at C/2° Illuminant | − In-house method : WI-TP-034 based onISO 2470 : 1999− In-house method : WI-TP-035 based onISO 2471 : 1998− In-house method : WI-TP-036 based onISO 5631 : 2000 |

2. Testing Laboratory
Thai Paper Company Limited
Accreditation No. : TESTING 0080

Item/Product Tested | Specific Test/ Range of Measurement | Standard/Test Method/ Technique Used |
Printing and writing paper (coated and uncoated paper) | - Grammage40 -300 g/m2-Single sheet thickness50 - 300 µm-Brightness40 to 100 %-Water absorptiveness (Cobb method) 10 to 100 g/m2-Specular gloss at 75 degrees10 to 100 gloss unit-Tearing resistance (Elmendorf method) 100 to 1 000 mN | -ISO 536 : 1995-ISO 534 : 1988-ISO 2470 : 1999-ISO 535 : 1991-TAPPI T480 om-92-ISO 1974 : 1990 |

Item/Product Tested | Specific Test/ Range of Measurement |...

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