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Quality Assurance In Aviation Essay

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Quality Assurance in Aviation
Embry Riddle
Management for Aeronautical Science
MGMT 203
Howard W. Loken
June 25, 2014

Quality Assurance in Aviation
Quality defined
Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most predominate factors in aviation organizations today. Quality Assurance programs have a direct link to safety in aviation. Quality can be considered a safety measure because a solid quality program can help prevent accidents and incidents. This is accomplished by procedures and guidance by government oversight that filters down to the operator of the type aircraft. Quality Assurance is a systematic method for gathering, analyzing information on quality, causes of defects and how ...view middle of the document...

Safety coincides with quality in aviation. It is impossible to operate aircraft safely without a solid Quality Control/Assurance program. A good QA program helps to create and environment to where safety and quality is paramount and sets and high standard for all maintenance technicians to follow. It is important for all personnel in in the aviation maintenance organization to have a similar mindset and focus on quality and safety. Managers must cultivate an environment to where maintenance technicians can develop their skills, and learn about all aspects of the maintenance and quality process. QA personnel should focus on technical and troubleshooting skills, engineering, psychology, philosophy, and diplomacy. They must demand a high level of professionalism and enforce standards that coincide with safe practices that revolve around quality.
Research and training
Training on Quality Control and Assurance is imperative to the success of the program. There is a large amount of quality courseware offered by the government but should also be conducted at the AMO level as well. QA inspectors can utilize industry reference material and lesson learned from industry practices for training material. Researching specifications, standards, service letters and bulletins takes practice and investigative skills, and is a critical component of both aviation maintenance and quality assurance.
Cost versus Safety
Every organization that gains revenue from operating aircraft must play quality and safety against cost. Time equals money in commercial aviation. Many times safety is compromised for time because of cost. Many times, maintenance technicians are caught between a desire to make safe decisions or perform quality work and just completing the task in order to make the flight. Managers must foster an environment that balances safety and operations. Making money is important but compromising safety to make that money can end up costly being in the long run.
Quality Assurance at the...

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