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Qualities Of A Good Teacher Essay

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When a band or orchestra plays together, the music they create collectively is much more beautiful than what any single musician makes. But there's one person who doesn't play at all. That person is the conductor. However, the conductor performs a very important role and must have great qualities to keep everybody in tune. She or he inspires the musicians to their ultimate level of performance. The same goes for a teacher; qualities of a good teacher are intelligence, patients, and reliability just to name a few.Thus we have the classroom were the teacher serves as the "leader" sort of speak and must elevate the students to new heights of learning. Teachers that get involved with their students I ...view middle of the document...

To tell Justin age 13 and Lauren age 14 that they misspelled the words no (know), buy (by) and hi (high) is a good quality. Writing is without a doubt difficult, so its better to hear these things and accept then from a person that knows what they're talking about and to not get discourage. Think of it this way, it shows that the teacher is concerned and wants to be helpful.A teacher that always tells you class assignments in advance is another good quality. It shows fairness and non-bias towards any student. If the teacher writes this down on the black board this is another good quality of a teacher. He or she is showing you, not just telling you've got a test next week, but wrote it down in big letters so you wouldn't miss it. If you know you have a math test or numerous tests a week in advance you should be ready to sacrifice a few hours of entertainment and get the "dirty work" done. Teachers can only do but so much; students also must be responsible.Remember teachers are there to assist you, not punish you (although at times you may think that) allow them to help you. If you have to be in a class you might as well try and get as much out of it as possible. Its called being greedy, this is one time were being greedy isn't really a bad thing. Most teachers"¦heck a majority of teachers aren't there because of the money, they don't get paid a dime for the most part. So that truly shows a real good quality of a teacher. There not in this professional for the mighty dollar, there in this professional cause they really love it and they really want to see us go beyond this class and have a better understanding for what there teaching us even if we do hate it.

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