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Qualitative Methods And Analysis

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Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Statistics

This document will study AIU (American Intellectual Union) statistical data practicing one part of qualitative data and one part of quantitative data. It will explain the steps of gaining the outcome and provide the end user in company of visuals that will assist the understanding of the statistical data.

Descriptive statistics is able to possess countless elements that influence the outcome of a report. Retaining the data coordinated is important to every person. Labeling and classifying the dual forms of descriptive statistics is crucial. Labeling or miscalculate quantitative data is able of changing then ...view middle of the document...

In company of this measurable data means, medians, modes and standard deviation are available to perform and develop fast suggestion/ citations on assume or imagine data.
Mean is the average of data chosen, median is the middle data set of a numerically organized data set. The mode indeed is the frequency or amount of times data is submitted. Standard deviations are the assumed or imagine variable of a set of data. It is a payment of high or low thinkable from the mean.
Whenever we performed qualitative description statistics, the discoverer has no numeric value. The discoverer of the explanation can be all number. However, commandingly possess the equal value. In company of quantitative discoverers, the numbers stand for a numeric value. Modifications to the discoverer will modify the total outcome of the statistic.
Based on the Editorial Board (2011), descriptive statistics are created to respond few or several questions, frequency, dispersion, position and tendency. These functions for dual forms of variables since dual are available to be citrated or ranked across the sum of distribution lacking discoverer or identifiers.
Descriptive statistics: Qualitative variable

|  |  |
|Demographics |
|  |  |
|Gender |
|1 |Male |
|2 |Female |
|Department |
|1 |Human Resources |
|2 |Information Technology |
|3 |Administration |
|Position |
|1 |Hourly Employee (Overtime Eligible) |
|2 |Salaried Employee (No Overtime) |

Explanation of descriptive statistics
The descriptive statistics on top are performed to recognize variables elements of a set of data. The top data is available for thinkable elements during the gain of statistical data. These elements are available in addition to provide us frequency sharing data at the time of being studied. I suggest performing numerical value in company of...

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