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Qualitative Critique Essay

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A Critique of a Qualitative Research Article:
Andropause Syndrome in Men Treated for Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Grand Canyon University

Purpose of the Study
Many people understand that women go through Menopause; it is not uncommon to hear a lady friend or a stranger say “there goes another hot flash” and then fan herself with whatever happens to be within reach. What many might be unfamiliar with is Andropause, or the equivalent of male Menopause. Andropause Syndrome in Men Treated for Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Symptoms (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin, Drudge-Coates, 2011) , is a research article that talks about 21 men and their ...view middle of the document...

Beyond this, however, nothing is said about previous studies; if one wants to know about previous studies the references would need to be gleaned.
Areas of Nursing Practice. This research study does not appear to talk about nursing practices. While it talks about professionals helping those with Andropause to express their feelings and find ways to achieve help through different means, there is no direct mention of nursing applications. They talk a great deal about studies done on Andropause and treatment, but nursing practices could have been brought into the study as a way to also help those with Andropause. Nurses are at times the front-line, the eyes that see what medical doctors are often unable. This is an important aspect that was overlooked.
Study Design
It seems for the purposes of this study a phenomenological research method was used. The researchers state in the article that other studies have not utilized cognitive and behavioral aspects on men with Andropause and that their qualitative method will be used to “explore subjective experiences and allow an insight into individuals’ interpretations and beliefs” (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin & Drudge-Coates, 2011). Considering the strength in which these statements were made, it seems safe to believe the researchers are very invested in knowing how the men feel and are not wanting to have explicit control over the research. The researchers are very knowledgeable about Andropause and its effects, but do not seem to allow that to influence their study. They were successful, however, in achieving the goal of their study, which was to “explore the experience and impact of Andropause symptoms, particularly hot flashes among men undergoing ADT for prostate cancer,” (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin& Drudge-Coates, 2011.
The researchers initially chose interviews to gather data from the participants of the study. Those were loosely set up after talking with a psychologist, a nurse specialist in a urology clinic, and a urologist himself; in conjunction with these, established research was also consulted (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin & Drudge-Coates, 2011). In some manner, these can possibly be considered using data, though not necessarily historic. During the interviews, questions were open-ended and researchers were interested in how Andropause interrupted the daily lives of the interviewees (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin, Drudge-Coates, 2011). As well, they were careful to pay attention to the other symptoms that the participants might mention.
Three criteria were utilized when narrowing the sample: metastatic prostate cancer patients receiving ADT treatment for at least 3 months, ability to speak English well, and cognitively and physically well enough to participate (Grunfeld, Halliday, Martin & Drudge-Coates, 2011). Through a London teaching hospital 48 patients were chosen for the study and sent information on the study and an informed consent...

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