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Qualitative And Quantitive Article Review

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Quantitive and Qualitative Article Review
Kristi Schneider
Walden University
NURS-4000 Res/Scholarshp Evid-based Prac2016
Quantitive and Qualitative Article Review
Quantitive and qualitative studies in research are an important aspect of the nursing profession. Researching and reviewing quantitive and qualitative articles is a process of systematic examination of materials to enhance, validate and learn new knowledge (Schmidt and Brown, 2012, p. 67). As Schmidt and Brown (2012) state, quantitive research design is used to predict relationships and explain relationships and causality whereas qualitative research design gives meaning to events of phenomenon’s (p.72). ...view middle of the document...

(2014) analyze and validate the hypothesis to prove that integrating patient participation of hand hygiene will decrease the incidence of contracting C-difficile through the fecal-oral route while in the hospital setting.

Study Design
The design of the study “A Bundle Strategy Including Patient Hand Hygiene to Decrease Clostridium difficile Infections” (Pokrywka, et al., 2014) is quantitative in nature. According to Schmidt and Brown (2012), quantitive study designs are used to evaluate relationships among variables and can be either non-experimental or experimental (Schmidt & Brown, 2012, p. 175). In the case of this article, the design was experimental. The researchers manipulated the independent variable by creating tools such as brochures and signage; they also implemented protocols for before meal hand washing. They then determined the effect upon the dependent variable which was the rate of C. difficile after interventions were implemented. This study also used a between-group design, which defined by Schmidt and Brown (2012) is a design to compare two different groups of subjects to make a comparison (Schmidt & Brown, 2012, p. 148-49). The article reviewed, compared the results between the rates of C, difficile before (July 2009-June 2009) and then after the intervention was implemented (July 2009-June 2010).
Sample size and Representativeness
One major factor when attempting to answer a research question is to come up with a sampling method. This sampling method is determined by the purpose of the research and the research design. Sample subjects are a group of individuals that are representative of all eligible people (Schmidt & Brown, 2012, p. 247). In the article “A Bundle Strategy Including Patient Hand Hygiene to Decrease Clostridium difficile Infections” (Pokrywka, et al., 2014), Pokrywka et al. (2014) chose a probability sampling method, where the individuals of the sample population had an equal chance of being selected for inclusion in the study. The sample size appears to demonstrate homogeneity as the design only used cases meeting specific criteria; that being the number of people infected with C. difficile before and after interventions were applied in the chosen time frames. The total sample size of this literature review was 336 individuals. The sample is representative because there does not appear to be instances of selection bias. Since the study was performed on a broad range of patients and 156,956 hospitals days in 2009 and 166,838 hospital days in 2010, it is unlikely that the sample is skewed. The sample size was also adequate as the research team literature review did a great job determining how many samples would be needed.
Results of Data Analysis
Quantitive data uses statistics to describe the sample represented (Schmidt and Brown, 2012). In the article reviewed, “A Bundle Strategy Including Patient Hand Hygiene to Decrease Clostridium difficile Infections” (Pokrywka, et al.,...

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