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The Qing Dynasty and Modern East Asia

In what ways did the history of the Qing Dynasty effect modern East Asia? The Qing Dynasty has had countless effects on China and East Asia, including but not limited to the current distribution of land, philosophies and economic status. The anti-trade mentality plus the ups and downs in the Trade agreements the Qing Dynasty had been a part of relates to the state of modern China. The Manchus created the Qing Dynasty and combined many regions and cultures, creating a multinational empire and in a way unified China. Modern East Asia has been ...view middle of the document...

The Qing Dynasty had more of a negative effect than positive on growth as far as technology and trade were concerned. The war with Japan over Korea in 1894-95 I believe made

a huge impression on the Qing Dynasty, allowing them to realize how far Japan had come due to acceptance of western culture and technology. The Qing’s Defeat here gave them a second way of thinking toward western influence and the use of western military organization and technologies. Japan had embraced western influence from the top down to show their people these ways are part of the future of a new era in Japan. The Japanese chose to embrace western culture and military styles and technology years earlier than China, which led to the Japanese being very well prepared to fight the Chinese at that time. If the Chinese would have been more accepting to outside influences from the beginning, things quite possible could have turned out very differently for them. At least the Qing wouldn’t have been as far behind Japan was as far as growth as a unified nation as China was. Even though the Qing Dynasty made very large advancements within itself for China those advancements were still not enough to trump the more advanced Japan. I believe that the active role that the Qing took after realizing what accepting the western cultures, including architecture, military organization and technology, and governing systems has greatly influenced how modern China has turned out. I believe China also has a better understanding of trade now, due to the history of what it when though years ago, and is currently one of the world’s biggest traders and exporters, from things like apparel and oil products to high-tech machinery and electronics because of it.

China has become a rather multinational country within itself and former separated regions due to the Qing Dynasty taking over...

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