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Qcf Level 2 Principles Of Infection

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Unit 4222-264 The Principles of infection prevention and control


Outcome 1
It is an employees responsibility to attend training and follow infection control policies and procedures. This includes the correct use PPE provided by the employer which generally include gloves and aprons. We must also ensure all equipment used is cleaned promptly to avoid cross contamination. Employees should also not wear jewellery as it can carry many pathogens that can be passed on from one person to the next if in contact. Staff are encouraged to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and regular hand washing after every client in contact with. It is also important to report any changes in ...view middle of the document...

The Food and Safety Act 1990 is relevant as it ensures safe practices for handling, storing and disposing of food which aims to avoid contamination and thus the spread of infection.
There are sever regulatory bodies relevant to the prevention and control of infection. The Health and Safety Executive is an independent body that provides information and advice on how to reduce the risk of the spread of of infection within the workplace. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is responsible for providing guidance on prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of disease and ill health. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for producing standards for food safety and hygiene as well as guidelines for practices that inform infection prevention and control.

All local authorities in Wales and the UK have infection policies and procedures in place to protect its communities. Such as Environmental Health Policy that safeguards the areas right to having cleaner air, safe and clean water. The council is intrusted with ensuring that all rubbish and clinical waste is disposed of properly as the coloured bags separate such dangerous waste such as needles and infected used bandages from hospitals and homes of clients who use them to general waste which are black bags and can be disposed of in the normal green bins. There are apparent health inspection teams in place to-do routine checks to make sure this is carried out.
Within the workplace we have policies for infection prevention which provides guidance on personal hygiene and on how to dispose of used PPE equipment and continence pads correctly. Reporting concerns. Health and safety policy in place, hazard awareness, reporting incidents or concerns.

Outcome 3

Procedures should be in place to prevent infection in all sectors of care. These generally include hand washing technique to prevent cross contamination, PPE to be used at all times when required to pretect my self and others from cross contamination and from call to call. clean and hygienic room in which the client resides in, Disposable clinical waste bags being available for used catheter bags, used dressings from wounds, used needles should be discarded in sharps box for safety of infections.

The outbreak of infection can be devastating to both the individual and organisation. An example say an outbreak of such 'super-bugs' that are resistant to antibiotics such as MRSA can be fatal to those who become infected and very hard to contain as the symptoms may not appear straight away to many. There are also emotional impacts on any individual that becomes infected as they would be required to be isolated from others in order to contain it, this can become a lengthy period of time. As I care for elderly clients, if they were to get an infection, this could have an serious effect on there health, could be life threatening as there amuse system may not be able to fight of infections as well as...

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