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Qantas Airlines Essay

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This paper contains Two Sections on Seven (7) printed pages, including the cover.

2. In Section A, answer ALL the multiple choice questions (MCQ).

3. In Section B, answer Four (4) OUT OF FIVE (5) questions only. All answers should be written in the designated answer sheet.

4. Any misconduct found during the paper will constitute a mark of 0 for the paper and you WILL be asked to LEAVE the exam hall IMMEDIATELY.

5. This paper comprises 30% of the total marks of the Final Assessment.


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1. Emotional Intelligence focuses on:
a. self-awareness
b. self-management
c. social awareness
d. all of the above

2. Which is NOT a key behavior necessary to apply EI, according to the Center for Creative Leadership?
a. Carefully approach problem employees.
b. Maintain a balance between personal life and work.
c. Treat others with compassion, sensitivity and kindness.
d. Build and mend relationships.

3. Communication is essential for helping people:
a. understand each other.
b. build trust.
c. coordinate actions and plan strategies for a goal accomplishment.
d. all of the above.

4. You should ask questions when communicating in order to:
a. show interest and active participation.
b. check your understanding and assumptions and determine which issues need to be further discussed.
c. solicit feedback and summarize what you feel you have heard.
d. all of the above.

5. Empathy is important for all the following reasons except:
a. shows a true concern for the speaker.
b. can be misunderstood as patronizing.
c. helpful in interpreting the true meaning of what is being said.
d. useful in creating trust.

6. Impersonal feedback is:
a. often misunderstood as indifference.
b. descriptive not evaluative.
c. specific not general.
d. directed at persons not the behavior.

7. Greater differences in background between sender and receiver lead to greater differences in meaning. This is true for:
a. different countries
b. different sub-cultures within a country
c. different genders
d. all of the above

8. Which is FALSE about communicating across cultures?
a. You should assume differences until similarity is proven.
b. You should treat first impressions as working hypotheses.
c. You should interpret facial expressions as...

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