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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 STRUCTUAL ! A lot of health services are not as accessible and user-friendly for Indigenous people as they are for non-Indigenous people, adding to higher levels of disadvantage. Sometimes this is because more Indigenous people than non-Indigenous live in remote locations and not all health services are offered outside of cities. Sometimes health services are not culturally appropriate (do not consider Indigenous culture and the specific needs of Indigenous people). Also, some Indigenous people may not be able to use some services because they are too expensive. (Slide show) Social and emotional wellbeing is a term used to talk about a person’s overall social, ...view middle of the document...

So id just like to start by asking anyone if they can give their own opinion to why aboriginals have an equality to health care? Primary health care is strategic, focusing on equity, access, empowerment and intersectional partnerships as essential elements for maintaining health, and health is embedded in the social conditions of people’s lives. The emphasis in Indigenous health care should first address Indigenous social disadvantage and ways of working in partnership with various groups of Indigenous people to achieve their health goals. Stereotypical notions of Indigenous ill health as being embedded in a general view of ‘culture’ can militate against achieving equity, access to health care and ultimately selfdeterminism.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014 (Slide show) Id like to show a video of Australian nurses who work with aborignals and give a great example of inequalities to their health and well being. Tess Lea (2008) an Australian nurse, who wrote an Anthropological study of the culture of public health governance in the Northern Territory questions why Aboriginal people die seventeen years younger than their white counterparts, The question stands of, will this change? Lea claims that the problem is also the answer. She carefully places a quote by Matthews that explained why the health of Aboriginal people had deteriorated throughout time. (slide)“They suffer poor housing, poor nutrition, alcohol, poor health services and all other ills of Australian society. These social and historical originals of poor Aboriginal health can be traced back to the time of colonisation.” (Matthews 1996: 30) The definition of poverty is a little bit more complicated concerning Australians. Since Australia is one of the richest nations in the world, with such a small population for such a large land with so many resources, we should not struggle in accommodating all of our citizens. Yet here we have an entire race of people who have been unfairly treated ever since their land was taken away from them.

(Slide) The Australia Bureau of Statistics shows that the rate of unemployment for Indigenous Australian’s is at 20%. That is almost three times the amount of the standard unemployment rate of Australian’s. The Australian instate of health and welfare, shows us that the reason for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders low employment rate is due to poor health and high disability rates. So all these issues create a continuous domino effect and revolve around each other. Aboriginals grow up being disadvantaged with their education, and then they grow up and develop illnesses that in turn affect their employment. Because in all honesty, who can work when they are sick? Who can create and maintain a career whilst disabled or caring for someone who is disabled? Indigenous health policy in Australia is guided by the National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health 2003-2013. One of the nine guiding principles of this is that...

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