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Puzzle Pieces Essay

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Puzzle Pieces
The transition from high school to college is an exciting and challenging time. It is a great milestone in one’s life. There are many differences between the life of a high school student and a college student. Some people will be able to jump right in and adjust to this change effortlessly. Others will take years to adapt or may never grab hold of the whole college experience. High School and College are both educational grounds for a student to grow and improve their lives with knowledge. High school and college are like puzzle pieces on one side they fit together, but on the other side they are something completely different.
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Having the opportunity to fit their school schedule around their work and social schedules is a benefit to college students. College students are free to pick what they would like to study whatever field they choose. There is a difference between the teachers from high school and college. In high school the teacher helps you through everything step by step, but in college the professors expect more out of you and won’t hold your hand while teaching. The classes are rarely every day and most students have off a couple days during the week depending on where they go. At college there are clubs as a way to meet new people instead of afterschool activities.
At a high school most of the students know each other because they have been in the same district since kindergarten. High school is a very social experience, sitting next to friends in class talking to them in the hallways, and sitting with them during lunch. Students are limited in the choice of friends because of the location. All of the students live in the same area. Social events at a high school would be dances, and the most important one that most students look forward to is prom. The majority of high school students are under 18 so they can’t stay out past 11 and have to check with their parents before going out. High school students still have to live with their parents and that will result in a lot less freedom.
When starting out at college,...

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