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Putting The Puzzle Together Essay

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Putting the Puzzle Together

Malaika Isley

COM105-A01 – Organizational Communication

February 16, 2012

Heading a meeting and being included in meetings are two parts of a manager’s job that is the toughest to do. Meetings can be conducted with two people or in groups. They are conducted in order to ensure that all acts of communication are bought out in order to achieve the goal that lies ahead. Meetings are the place where any one person can find out where they fit in when the meeting is being conducted (Hattersley, 2008). Meaning, what role do they play within this meeting ahead?
Many people when hearing the word roles they assume you are referencing a play or production ...view middle of the document...

There are several types of roles that we can each play a part in within a meeting. The Leader; there must be a leader or facilitator in each meeting. The role of the Leader is the most experience and the power of authority but, not always the head of the meeting (Hattersley, 2008). The Gatekeeper; it is the idea that if you are leading the meeting as well you should try to take on this role at the same time. As the Gatekeeper you should get the information that needs to be discussed on the record. Ensure that there are specific goals or ideas listed to have completed. The Gatekeeper should be able to provide ideas to help resolve any issues that seem to be conflicting with any other problems and if the issue seems as if it cannot be rectified then it is time to redirect and move on and find other solutions that are not within the meeting to resolve issue. The Gatekeeper will shut down issues if they are not discussed at all or bought forward within a meeting so, let them be discussed before this occurred. The Joker; The role of the Joker in meetings can help with there is tension and conflict within a meeting. Having a witty personality can help the group or individuals involved remember what they are there for and the way to get to a successful ending (Hattersley, 2008). But, the joker’s role has to be used within the right timing. If not used within the right timing the jokes can get in the way of what is trying to be accomplished (Hattersley, 2008). The Outsider; this role is someone who is in the meeting but, they appear to be detached concerning all that is going on or showing no interests (Hattersley, 2008). You will notice this person will show signs of silence or the body language will show they just do not want to be there at that time. An Outsider will generally not just participate without being invited into the conversation or meeting. They often feel shy but, he or she may have ideas that may help within the meeting. The Consensus Builder; The person or group in this role shows how an emerging consensus can be put into a plan and then will gain praise from other employees within that group, ensure that they are safe and have plans for the future (Hattersley, 2008). The Cheerleader; the role of the cheerleader is pretty simple, the cheerleader is the role that will point out the common place between the two groups or roles that are in disagreement and can turn into the Consensus Builder. When in the Cheerleader role try to make your comments work with others comments remarks previously and then ensure that you give the praise to where the praise is to be given. Cheerleader role is all about flattery no matter what (Hattersley, 2008).
The Joker can be more than one person in the group as this role can be taken on by a group of people within the meeting to bring about a certain amount of humor but, cautiously done to promote the right effect (Hattersley, 2008). One person as the Joker can be known as the...

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