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Putting Tech To Work, Telecomutting Essay

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Putting Technology to Work
The Benefits of Telecommuting

To: Sonja Wilder, Director of Sales Support
From: Tyler Ahlfeldt, Government Support Services
Date: September 26, 2013
Subject: Proposal to Implement Telecommuting Policy

Thank you for approving my request to research the benefits of implementing a telecommuting policy for the sales support workplace. The conclusions drawn from my research weigh heavily in the favor of balanced telecommute/in-office work time split. The ability to work from home will spur productivity and morale.

With the mounting expectation of more productivity out of existing human resources, the inability to ...view middle of the document...

With only one corporate hub for employees from York, Pennsylvania down to Oakton, Virginia, many employees face an extremely long commute to the office. With cost reduction efforts and increased workloads, the need for telecommuting is more evident than ever before.

Telecommuting has been proven in the public and private sector to boost employee morale and increase human resource retention dramatically. With the proper blend of supervision and deadline management, telecommuting has also been found to exponentially increase productivity. Allowing employees to work from home also saves on heating and cooling costs required in a building filled with people. The wear on the building also greatly subsides with reduced foot traffic. The high cost of enterprise level internet bandwidth is also mitigated when employees use their existing home connections as the conduit to the AT&T intranet.

In this report you will find compelling arguments for the need for telecommuting. These arguments will be backed by independent and government research that both expound the merits of such a program. This report will also address the pitfalls of telecommuting and the steps needed to safeguard against them.


Telecommuting is a return to the genesis of how people conduct business. This is ironic because of the seamless yet sophisticated technology needed to make telecommuting a reality. For thousands of years, businesses and shopkeepers that lived on the premises of their business dominated agrarian societies. From the farmer who toiled on his own land to the shopkeeper with lodgings above his store, the daily commute for most people was the walk down stairs or out their front door. The industrial revolution changed this paradigm completely. Large manufacturing facilities with highly specialized equipment needed to be operated on the plant floor. Assembly lines and factory floors needed to be staffed and regimented (Benjamin, 2013, p. 1). The autonomy of working for yourself and on your own premises was supplanted by punch clocks and regulated work shifts. If one cog in the machine was not able to be present with the rest, the business as a whole suffered.

This work cycle continued into the early 1970’s. The Director of Interdisciplinary Research at USC, Jack Nilles, started working with specialists from all over the US. He coined the terms telecommuting and telework because his geographically dispersed work force could submit their work via telephone line (Benjamin, 2013, p. 1). Terminal machines and satellite connections allowed the dawning resurgence of working from home to become a reality.

The explosion of ubiquitous high speed connections in the last fifteen years have cemented telecommuting as part of American and world wide culture. In 2011 about twenty percent of the world’s workforce worked from home at least part of the time. This number is even higher in the US. The number started spiking in 1996, when the government...

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