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Put Forth A Theory On What It Means To Be Human And, As A Good Reader, Explain How We Might Read Frankenstein As An Example Of This Theory

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Final Project : FRANKENSTEIN

Question 4: Put forth a theory on what it means to be human and, as a good reader, explain how we might read Frankenstein as an example of this theory.
You may use any philosophical stance : To err is to be human, to forgive divine. All knowledge is sorrow
The strutcure of the mind in Freudian terms
The biblical story of Adam and Eve
Darwinian evolution
Be able to ground you theory in a system of thought, or a story, or a metaphor, that may not be stated directly in the novel.

The well-known definition we all know of ourselves is: A human being is any living or extinct member of the family ...view middle of the document...

Let us start with the beginning of humans, Adam and Eve .(we shall of course use what humans believe is true, as there has never been any proof that Adam and Eve ever existed)
Human race, even though only being formed by two creatures, was capable of finding a way to be evil, create sorrow, and be expulsed from Heaven. We all are descendents from these two humans, we are, by
definition damned, corruptable. Of course humans have the strong will to not recognise it, as they want to go to heaven after the purgatory period. Frankenstein, being a form of human but, because of artificial birth,
a little different from others, has been put apart and condamnated to loneliness. Having found a deviation of human kind, humanity has also found a solution to the eternal problem of the malediction which has been
put on it: declare that Frankenstein is the wrong creature and it should be punished for its actions (which actually have been caused by us). Frankenstein is an escape, a kind of savior of the bad conscience which
has been a great problem since the creation of religion.
Humans have been always been in more or less religious periods but the majority has always believed that a God existed (or more Gods depending on the religion). Religous people are easily dominated by others
who pretend (or not) to have the divine message. This following of an abstract affirmation without even verifying its validity proves a great naiveness from our part. Therefore, one main message which seems
to dominate too many lives in order to omit it in this theory is the lack of ambition to find out more about this force or creature, or even human which domintes us all. A human is controlled and dominated more
or less depending on his social status in normal lifetime but always supremely under control of the unknown , but still venerated.
Being human does not only mean believing in the supremacy of its race, disliking similar creatures and feeling better when known to be secured by the unknown, but also wanting to always take more place
and be more powerful not only over what is surrounding but also on other planets and other galaxies and always further and further on with more...

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