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Push Pull Maintain Essay

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Pushing, Pulling, and Maintaining
Part I.
Obtaining a solid and well paying career in today’s market is a challenging endeavor. There are thousands of new graduates and even more veteran professionals that a job seeker will have to compete against in the process of getting hired. A lot of opportunities are not well advertised or known about to the external population, or people outside of an organization. One way to set a job seeker apart from their competitors is by adopting some of the techniques explained in’s article “Tapping the Hidden Job Market.” (Techniques for Tapping 2011). Job Hunt describes the processes of push, pull, and maintain and how these steps can help ...view middle of the document...

I want to volunteer with this program at least once a month for the next year. By volunteering with Impact Northwest, I will be able to make connections with people within that organization and others, allowing me to access job opportunities that may not be announced to the public.

Join a professional association
Working in Career Services, I have learned about many professional associations for accounting majors. Some of the professional associations that appeal to me are the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accounts or the American Society of Women Accountants. I plan to research three separate professional associations that have a local chapter in the Portland, Oregon area and join one within the next three months that will best fit my personal and professional needs. By joining a professional association, I will make many new contacts that may be able to inform me about prospective positions that others may not have knowledge of, giving me a true competitive advantage!
Pull is the concept I will need to implement to bring potential employers to me after I have successfully pushed myself to my professional limits. Here are some of the techniques I will use to pull or draw employers to me and my qualifications.
Create a networking profile on LinkedIn
Generally speaking, I am not a fan of the social media sites and have vowed to never become a Facebook member for personal reasons. However, I have realized the professional benefits of creating a LinkedIn profile and plan to do so.
Write a speech
Reading over the possibilities is the pull portion of “Tapping the Hidden Job Market,” it seems a room for improvement for me in my public speaking. I am an exquisite writer and could use my writing skills to develop a speech or presentation of some sort.
Now that I have pushed and pulled, I must now work to maintain!

Stay in touch with professional organizations
Once I join the professional organization I have determined most fit to accommodate my personal and professional development, I must stay in contact with this organization and my contacts so that I can be aware of new and emerging industry practices and new positions.
Go to conferences, workshops, seminars, and monthly meetings
Learning is a continuous process and to stay on my A game, I will need to continue growing as a professional by staying familiar with new practices and by making new contacts. I would...

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