Push Or Pull As A Business Model:

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International Financial Management
Cass Business School
UG Programme

Module outline and aims
This third year module is designed to immerse business studies and banking students in
the international dimension of financial issues. It focuses on the specifically international
aspects of financial management so you are able to appreciate the additional sources of
finance and the added issues that international investment and money ...view middle of the document...

You will
receive a self test questionnaire and from week two onwards solutions to the self tests.
You will work in groups and two groups will present orally and in writing on selected case
Teaching pattern:

Teaching Contact










Your coursework will consist of a group oral and written presentation of a case study.
You will receive preliminary assessment of your oral presentation immediately after you
have made it and your written presentation, given to the lecturer before you present, will
be returned to you assessed no later than three weeks after you make your oral
The individual examination will require you to select and answer an essay question, to
write on the contribution to management by two of a number of listed individuals and to
answer fifty multiple choice questions on the subject matter of the course.
Assessment pattern:

Examination –
2.25 hours

Assessment Weighting Minimum Pass/Fail?

Assessment criteria
Assessment Criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or attributes students need
to demonstrate in order to complete an assessment successfully and Grade-Related
Criteria are descriptions of the skills, knowledge or...

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