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Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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25 April 2014
Authentic Happiness
We began this course with the question “What is happiness? and Can we all achieve authentic Happiness? In our life we are taught many things, but we are not taught how to achieve our own happiness. Over the last five weeks we truly learned what happiness is and I believe we all can achieve authentic happiness in our life. In Authentic Happiness, Martin Seligman uses happiness and well being as the terms to describe the goals of Positive Psychology. The desired outcome of Positive Psychology is happiness and well being. We learned from this course how to embrace both our positive feelings and activities to achieve authentic Happiness.
Happiness as defined in the dictionary, is a feeling of luck, fortune, and contentment. Happiness is the component of two separate aspects, life satisfaction as a whole and moment to moment moods. I can be satisfied with my overall life, yet still ...view middle of the document...

According to the author we each have a personal range level of positive and negative emotion, the range may be inherited from our parents. Another barrier many face is the “hedonic treadmill” which causes us to rapidly and inevitably adapt to good things by taking them for granted. The thing we work so hard to achieve or buy, once we acquire it, it no longer makes us happy: we need to get something even better to boost our level of happiness. As we accumulate more material possessions and accomplishment, your expectations rise.
To achieve an enduring level of happiness I agree with Seligman that we must change our external circumstances as well as our internal emotion. Our emotions and feelings play a major part in how we feel and think. Most of us are conditioned to believe that positive events, such as a raise or a financial windfall will increase our happiness, and it does but majority of us will fall back to the level of happiness we were before the positive events. Authentic happiness teaches us that in order to sustain lasting happiness, we must savor life’s joys, reflect on past accomplishments, and be grateful for everything and everyone in our life. If we commit ourselves to our goals and values we can all achieve authentic happiness.
This course is about experiencing your present,past and future, discovering your signature strengths and then using them often in all areas of your life that you value. The reward for having good character and personal values is happiness. Happiness is a inner state, and we each have the power to access and sustain deep lasting contentment within us. Most of us are taught to believe that happiness comes from the outside, the object, or the experience we take pleasure in. True happiness is deeper than one true thing we may desire. Money cannot create a permanent state of happiness but it can definitely create temporary excitement. If we release the need to look for outside objects to make us happy, we realize happiness is a choice and we all have the choice to be happy and truly feel it. Happiness can come from different routes. From this course we learned authentic happiness is our birthright and we all could achieve and sustain it in our life.

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