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Pursuing My Mba Essay

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Pursuing My MBA

Pursuing My MBA

May 6, 2008

One of my many dreams has always been to completing my education. As a single parent raising two boys, and working fulltime, it was a dream of mine to earn a college degree. Finally, I had the courage to get my undergraduate degree at the age of 49 from Jacksonville University. I considered myself lucky because several professors truly made quite an impact in my life. They advised me to pursue the MBA after one year of rest, in order for me to get some of my personal affairs in order. My former professors perceive me to be an outgoing person with a vision and a low tolerance for incompetence. They often refer to me as ...view middle of the document...

I’ve gained work experience that helped me determine how I want to concentrate on my MBA courses. I’m considering eventually starting my own business, and teach me to advanced business skills focused on the challenges of starting a business. My work experience helped me determine whether I can reach my goals under my own power or if I will need the extra help of an MBA degree. For one thing, the MBA program is expensive, with tuition as high as tens of thousands of dollars per year. My employer offers education benefits, paying some or all of our employees' continuing education costs. I decline the offer because they have a clause in the employee policy handbook that states: if an employee quits, terminated or released due to company restructuring; then that employee will need to pay the full amount of the tuition reimbursement back with in fifteen day of leaving the company.
I’m aware that an MBA degree covers many disciplines and will require many long hard hours of study. This is a hard enough challenge, especially with caring for my elderly mother and my current job obligations to maintain. Luckily having to work my studies around pre-scheduled classes, a requirement to attend at University of Phoenix, makes it easier for someone to pursue their education objectives.
I believe that obtaining an MBA will change my life for the better and put me on the right track to my dream career. In the past, existing obligations and commitments may...

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