Pursuing An Mba Degree To Start A New Career

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I decided to pursue an MBA degree just simply due to the reason that currently I am jobless. But, why did I decide an MBA? After going through a period of rejection and boredom, I had been looking for a glorious career and nothing other than MBA could have given me the fresh start that I needed. An MBA degree has an enormous reputation and it is widely recognized all over the world as one of the best degrees sought by the graduate students.
The importance of an MBA degree cannot be denied as “an MBA degree provides you with innumerable career opportunities in various fields. It is especially beneficial to get jobs in high-level positions such as managerial and executive level jobs” ...view middle of the document...

The healthcare track for MBAs has never been in such a demand— until now.

Healthcare organizations typically look for clinical experience before business acumen, says Baldwin. This year, though, business acumen is a lot more front and center, with healthcare firms desperate to manage rising costs. “They are just now realizing how much they need business people running [their] organizations as opposed to clinicians,” Baldwin says. That leaves the industry facing a huge hiring opportunity — recruiters and university administrators report that a much larger pool of MBAs are pursuing careers in healthcare services, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies.

Graduate management programs participating in the 2009 GMAC®survey received nearly 230,000 completed applications from approximately 75,000 candidates. According to GMAC survey, “One-year full-time MBA programs reported the strongest application volume. Nearly 7 in 10 such programs(69%) indicated growth in the number of applications received over last year. The average number of applications per program increased by 21 percent. Flexible MBA programs continued to attract more applications—two-thirds of such programs surveyed (66%) reported an increase in application volume; the average participating program received 14 percent more applications than in 2008” (Graduate Management Admission Council, 2009).
Although the Jungian personality self-assessment is designed to help an individual understand his or her personality through one of the 16 personality types, yet there is no such measurement that is considered perfect as human behavior keeps evolving and changing. Considering my Jungian 16 type Personality...

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