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Pursue Of My Mba Degree Essay

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Pursue of My MBA Degree
On December 17, 2008 I received a telephone call from a woman named Jessica Wolfsen, University of Phoenix Alumni Liaison whom congratulated me on completion of my bachelor of science, accounting degree from the University of Phoenix I received in July of 2008. She wanted to know if I have registered on the Alumni Network website, which I had not. Then she asked if I had considered an advance degree. I told her I had concerned the idea but had not made a decision on returning to school. She informed that the University of Phoenix was offer a special in January for students returning to school and she would have an enrollment counselor give me a call to discuss ...view middle of the document...

The additional knowledge that I will gain, according to the article “So you want to do and MBA?,” I will gain confidence in terms of networks with other professional in my industry as well as having a greater understanding of the business environment in fundamental approach across every aspect of business.
I took the “What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality” test and scored a 93. This score falls within a B+ which means I am a type B personality. This result indicated according to that a type B personality is a “temperament characterized by moderate ambitiousness and drive, accommodating attitude, cooperativeness, focus on quality over quantity and, in general, an easy going approach to life. “ This test confirmed what I as well as other have told me about myself. These attributes will help advance me in my industry and grow as a leader in the professional arena.
With obtaining my MBA with a concentration human resources will give me additional expose into accounting professional not only to advance the knowledge I received in my undergraduate program to the...

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