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Purposes Of A Music Video Essay

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Purpose – reason.

* Is to promote the artists and the song.
* Convey ideas about the meaning of the song

MTV – august 1st 1986 first time airing.

After a while, people realised that music videos created a lot of money. This meant the videos on MTV were earning a lot more than ones that didn’t.


MTV is an outlet of music/video. And the more outlets a music group/ artist has, the greater their success will likely be.

Examples of outlets:

Direct DVD sales

Another huge event was the 13minute music video for Michael Jacksons “thriller”
After thriller, “dire straits, money for nothing “ became the most ...view middle of the document...

Technical Techniques – procedure or skill required.

* Cutting to and from the rhythm.
* Miming and lip sync
* Multi image
* Chroma key

In corporate promotional program production

* Understand codes, conventions and current practice
* Codes and conventions = style, content and form

- Voiceovers
- Establishing shots
-Time lapse – taken over a long time and fitted into a smaller amount of time, making it seem like it was fast forwarding
- Nighttime
- Slow frame shots – video appears to be slow.

< Understand codes, conventions and current practice in corporate and promotional programming.

: CODES – hidden, abbreviated, symbols. Convey secrecy. Connotation.

Means that, in all videos communicate visually, this can be seen as hidden messages. Because audiences can read deeper meanings into the visuals.

Therefore, it can be said videos include codes.

- In the video about ERE video, the visuals implied you could trust ERE with your money, by showing things like hand shaking and calculators.

* Ethical issues: (religion, Gender, race)

-Representations in the media, is about...

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