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Purpose Statement For College Admission Essay

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Stephanie Chavez
Masters of Science in Psychology
Statement of Purpose

During my adolescent years, I watched my little sister struggle with her sexual identity. I knew my sister was going to be unlike other children and I found myself constantly analyzing her behaviors and exploring why she did not see herself as we saw her. As my sister went through her school years, her struggles with her counterparts became more apparent. She became isolated, depressed and exhibited suicidal behaviors. As my sister matured into a young woman, I was intrigued as to why her view of herself versus society’s expectations of her as a woman would impact her life in such a manner that would lead her to ...view middle of the document...

I knew, however, that expanding my educational background would only cultivate my research and analytical skills.
I believe that my diverse background affords me a unique understanding and empathy for the problems of many young people. I have a deep understanding of different types of discrimination one may face as well as the challenges one must overcome to strive past obstacles. I am hoping to work with individuals of different ethnic backgrounds in order to understand the challenges of how culture affects our way of life along with our family values. I utilized these skills during the difficult times of my own childhood and I would like to extend help to individuals and their families presented with similar situations as mine.
My ambition has always been to pursue the field of psychology and I feel that I am now faithfully dedicating myself to an extended period of learning. My desire for learning is far greater than it was when I left school and I believe that my diligence and drive will ensure I am immediately successful as I take the steps to pursue my dreams.
My past employment has taught me many valuable survival skills, including interacting with people in diverse environments, handling unpredictable behavior and diffusing threatening situations. I feel my work experience as a General Manager of a multi-million dollar hotel also taught me valuable skills in dealing with the community, coworkers, and helped mold me into a proven leader. My empathy and intense personal interest towards improving my hotel enabled me to remain committed and positive as I developed a mindset of “serving others”. In gaining this quality, I know working in a people-centric discipline such as psychology will prove to be a rewarding experience.
Although the hospitality industry became second nature to me, I find teamwork to be a strongpoint of mine due to my sports background. I developed an understanding of the type of role I must take on in order for my team to be successful. Every person had a part to play, and if one person did not show up to play for the day, we all would suffer....

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