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How far do Sources 1, 2 and 3 suggest that the main purpose of the Land League in 1878 -81 was political revolution rather than economic reform?
The main aim of the Land and League was to change the government through political revolution. The league mainly consisted of nationalists, who also campaigned for economic reform and for peasants. These purposes are presented in sources 1, 2 and 3.
Sources 2 and 3 suggest that the main purpose of the Land League was political revolution, not economic reform. Source 2 which is an extract from a letter from Davitt to Devoy states that the League planned a ‘rising' against the landlords who had almost controlled the lives of the peasants through ...view middle of the document...

It is showing the League as a threat to Ireland in order to encourage and convince readers to support Gladstone in his land reforms. Sources 2 and 3 both present the main reason of the Land League to be bringing about political revolution and they achieve this by presenting threats and violence.
Source 1 disagrees with sources 2 and 3 because it suggests that the main aim of the Land League was economic reform. Source 1, which is part of a speech from Parnell, who led the Land League, urges the Irish not to pay ‘unjust rents’ which refers to the 3Fs that played a huge part in the Land Leagues campaign. Fair rents, which meant that the rents were not to be set at extortionate levels, because the peasants could not afford to pay them, which meant they were subsequently evicted. Parnell is saying that economic reform is the key element that the land League needs to introduce fair rents. However Parnell would have been expected to say this because the Land War was going on at the time. He was appealing for a peasant uprising protesting about their high rents, evictions and rent arrears. He was placing emphasis on economic reform because...

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