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Purchase Diary Essay

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If you like to travel to Viet Nam, La Veranda resort is the one that you cannot miss. Located on Phu Quoc Island, La Veranda has a beautiful, natural landscape with green hills, blue sky and white sandy beach. It’s a true piece of heaven on Earth…
If you like to travel to Viet Nam, La Veranda resort is the one that you cannot miss. Located on Phu Quoc Island, La Veranda has a beautiful, natural landscape with green hills, blue sky and white sandy beach. It’s a true piece of heaven on Earth…
C’est la vie!!!
C’est la vie!!!


Erc Institude
Principles of Marketing
Student name: Pham Vy A Chau


Erc Institude
Principles of Marketing
Student ...view middle of the document...

Address: Ward 01, Tran Hung Dao St., Phu Quoc, Viet Nam.

La Veranda resort
La Veranda resort

I. Company’s 7Ps
Following is the company’s 7Ps : Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.
1. Product
a. Product variety:
La Veranda resort has 43 rooms with modern facilities, two restaurants with different type, one lounge bar and a swimming pool. All rooms are beautifully decorated and thoughtfully appointed with wireless Internet, satellite TV, IDD telephone and luxury amenities. (Mgallery_La Veranda resort Phu Quoc, 2011)
b. Quality:
La Veranda resort offers you services, rooms, meals with high quality standard. It’s a 4 star’s hotel, so it’s customers are mainly high class people.
c. Design:
La Veranda resort was beautifully designed and inspired by the colonial style of the past. Its style reminiscent of a French seaside mansion with comfortable and luxury facilities. Each room was decorated differently. It has 22 Deluxe rooms which was surrounded by lush tropical gardens, 15 Deluxe Villa with exotic traditional design and 6 La Veranda suite with spectacular views of the island sunsets. (MGallery , 2011)
d. Packaging: 3 night for the price of 2 including breakfast.
e. Sizes: La veranda resort Phu Quoc has 43 rooms, 2 restaurant with a capacity of 130 seats, Sunset bar with a capacity of 30 seats.
f. Services:
* Internet access: Internet at the hotel, wireless and Internet in your room.
* Parking area: Valet parking, outdoor public parking, outdoor private parking, private enclosed outdoor parking, bus/coach parking area.
* Laundry service: Dry cleaning and ironing.
* Water Sports: Swimming ( outdoor unheated pool), kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving center, private beach and boat excursion.
* Other sports: Cycling with bike rack and bicycle hire facilities, badminton and volley ball facilities.
* Spa: Massage and Jacuzzi.
* Services business: Porter, fax machine, print/copy service, internet connectivity.
* Services for family travel: Baby sitting on request
* Safety : Fire safety system, 24 hour security staff, emergency electric generator.

2. Price:
From $215+ .The price of the resort is reduced based on the season. (Hotels in Phu Quoc, 2011).

Type of room | Validate to | Single bed | Double bed | Breakfast |
Deluxe | 16 January to 30 April 2011 | 234 | 234 | Included |
Deluxe Villa | | 288 | 288 | Included |
La Veranda Suite Villa | | 422 | 422 | Included |
Deluxe | 1 May to 31 October 2011 | 173 | 173 | Included |
Deluxe Villa | | 219 | 219 | Included |
La Veranda Suite Villa | | 333 | 333 | Included |
Quotation of La Veranda resort Phu Quoc, ©2011
3. Promotion:
* Ads: La Veranda resort has some ads on many travel websites such as:,, and also on its company website.
* Direct selling: When customers take the room,...

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