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Punctuality Essay

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ern cultures, punctuality means being ahead ten to fifteen minutes earlier in a given time period. As for eastern cultures, punctuality or being punctual is quite a challenge in their daily life. Punctuality is a good quality. Punctuality is quite a kin to regularity. Regularity means working as per rules, regulations and programme of time. That being said, punctuality shows ones discipline about ...view middle of the document...

It also means working as per the programme of time. Punctuality involves time factor. We are to see that we are working strictly according to the time fixed. This is punctuality.
If we be punctual, we can finish up our work at right time. Punctuality checks unnecessary wastage of time. Time is very valuable for us. We can save it only by punctuality. Time and tide wait for none. Seconds, minutes, hours and days pass by in right order. There is a maxim "We should hold the time by the forelock". If we be punctual, a single second of us will never go waste. The English men are very punctual. They put on wrist-watches to exercise punctuality. But as for the Indians, they put on wrist-watches only as ornaments for show. We cannot progress, If we do not be punctual. Punctuality helps us in our progress. Punctuality is one of the problems of most countries in the eastern hemisphere. That is why most countries in Asia are third world countries. They are not being punctual all the time so it’s really hard for them to progress. Punctuality is a time discipline. If you wa

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