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Pumps On Board Ship Essay

521 words - 3 pages

* Learning Objective :

Know the marine pump,
types, design features and operation on board.

* Specific Learning Objectives :

• State the design features of centrifugal and positive
displacement pumps.
• State the uses of various pumps onboard.
• Explain the pump types and principles of operation of marine
• State and explain the operation of each components of the
following pump;
Reciprocating pump.
Screw pump.
Gear pump.
Centrifugal pump
• With the aid of diagram, explain the type and working
principle of the gland seals.
• State the requirement of relief valves that may be fitted on
marine pumps.
• State the requirement of air vessel that may be fitted on
marine pumps.
* Key Functions of Pumps :

• Raise the liquid from one level to
• To give it a high velocity
• To ...view middle of the document...

• These include reciprocating, gear, screw,
etc …They do not required a priming
device, in fact they may used as priming
• In general they would be used for small to
medium discharge rate, they can pump
fluids of a wide range of viscosity and can
develop high-pressure differentials if
• If the outlet is completely closed, either
the unit driving the pump will be stalled or
pump or pipe itself will break or burst,
thus safety or relief valve are fitted on it.

* Positive Displacement pumps :

• In general they would be used for small to
medium discharge rate, they can pump
fluids of a wide range of viscosity and can
develop high-pressure differentials if
• If the outlet is completely closed, either
the unit driving the pump will be stalled or
pump or pipe itself will break or burst,
thus safety or relief valve are fitted on it.

* Non-Positive Displacement Pump :

• This is one in which the volume of the
liquid delivered for each cycle is
dependent upon the resistance offered to
the flow. (When the force on the liquid
and resistance are equal, this liquid is in a
state of equilibrium, a so called tangential
acceleration is imparted to the fluid.)
• Normally centrifugal, axial and mixed flow
types were under this classification and
they may require priming device
depending upon supply head.
• Generally they would be used for medium
to high-pressure discharge rates, and
usually are confined to low viscosity fluids
and generate only low to moderate
pressure differentials.
• If the outlet of these pumps is completely
closed, the discharge pressure will
increase to a maximum for that particular
operating speed, nothing more will happen
except the pump will churn and produce

* Types of Pump :


* Centrifugal pump :

* Screw Pump :

* Gear pump :

* Reciprocating Pump :

* Axial pump :

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