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Publix Supermarkets Essay

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Publix Supermarkets – The American Dream

Publix Supermarkets is a company that only within the last 80 years has become what it is today. George W. Jenkins, the late founder of Publix Super Markets, was born on Sept. 29, 1907. He grew up in Harris, GA, where he worked in his father's general store until 1925 when he headed to Tampa FL drawn by the prospect of getting into the real estate industry. Instead, he began working at Piggly Wiggly grocery, after being with the company for just a few months he was already managing the store. He was then transferred within the company to manage their largest store in Winter Haven. After 4 years he decided to resign so he could open ...view middle of the document...


Publix began to grow at a fast rate and all while keeping Mr. George’s philosophies in mind. He believed a business would be successful “treating employees and customers like family. Our thousands of cashiers, baggers, meat cutters, and bakers are the company's largest collective shareholders—all trained to put their customers first” ( As a result of this foundation, year after year, Publix has been named the No. 1 supermarket for customer satisfaction, as well as one of the FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work For," and as an inspiration for its efforts in sustainability and community programs and involvement. The basis for the way Publix was developed and grew was something that Mr. George felt other stores were missing. He believed a shopping experience should feel like they are at home while they are in his store and it was all about treating others well. The customers were treated with respect at all times and the associates were treated the same. It was made to feel like a family for the employees, a place where they can openly voice their opinions and concerns. Promotion was from within so all employees had the opportunity for growth within the company. “Mr. George's philosophy was that if a company creates the proper environment, attracts the best people, and instills the desire to serve, it will prosper in good times and bad” ( Publix's prosperity can be attributed not only to the high standard of employee but also Mr. Jenkins' focus on their well-being. It has been stated that Mr. George was a very good employer to work for and this is shown through him allowing workers to take ownership in the company. This method he used created employees that felt a loyalty to him as well as his company. Also, a happy employee is what makes a happy customer. Through his stock ownership and retirement plans he set building blocks for employees that would have no reason to want to look elsewhere for employment.

Today, Publix has become a household name through Florida and much of the South East. It has grown from a single store in Central Florida into a collection of 1,077 supermarkets that “brought in $28.9 billion in sales last year” ( Publix is not in the industry of cutting edge technology or even in one that would require constant change to meet the consumers needs. But it does need to expand if it wants to keep up with the other large retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, which are both much further expanded across the country than Publix. Clearly the past strategy of this company was focusing solely on employee and consumer satisfaction and that is what has made Publix the extraordinary company it is today. This strategy has worked greatly thus far but expansion cannot forever be a second priority. If someone from the East Coast were to ask a person from California if they had been in a Publix, more often than not the answer would be no or even...

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