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Carol Davis and the Board of Directors of Davis Press should not publish Jonathan Taajwar’s book “Meccan Madness” due to the controversy of the content of the book; this could be badly received by the people of the Islamic faith and it could affect the company’s reputation and safety of the employees. Carol Davis has to decide what is best for the company and the customers; if she does not think only about profit and becoming famous for something that is not appropriate or adequate for her company to do, she should not let the book be published.
Davis has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of her employees, thus she should be aware of the potential danger to the firm and its employees if she decides to publish the book. It would be unethical for Carol Davis to risk the safety of her employees for a potential profit opportunity. The book could be very interesting for select readers that are interested in ...view middle of the document...

) Also, learning from “The Satanic Verses,” Davis should look at all the costs associated with securities for the employees that the publisher had to face after that book and the violent acts by the readers.
However, Davis also is respectful and is very committed to the value and the rights of freedom of press, and in her opinion, Taajwar had every right to free literary expression. People have a right to be educated on these controversial matters despite the implications to the publishing company. The job of Davis Press is to educate the people on these issues, if they decided not to publish the book, they are not doing their job properly. Again, taking Rushdie’s book as an example, “Meccan Madness” would not be as controversial as the information provided by “The Satanic Verses” that was insensitive to the culture by using profanities, and how even the main character’s name, Mahomet, meant “false idol” or “devil,” causing rage in Islamic people. If Carol Davis ensures that information in “Meccan Madness” is correct and does not contain any insensitive language, it might not be taken in a bad, or controversial way.
Nevertheless, the freedom of press should not be a reason to express or inform people about something that is not morally appropriate. For example, Edward Snowden did not have the right to leak information on the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs; government is more likely to assert its authority, time, and resources to show its control over situations like this. By publishing the book, the company will most likely have to face conflict and protest that is not worth their potential profit.
In conclusion, Carol Davis and the Board of Directors of Davis Press should not take risk on publishing “Meccan Madness” even if it is politically correct, the people that have Islamic background or those who feel represented by the content of the book already have certain sentiments about American publishers and will not give the book a chance. Also, this people could take action if they feel offended, and they could put the company and the employees in danger something that is not worth the profit and the popularity for the company.

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