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The responsibility of the SEC is to conduct this publicly traded companies is to provide stockholders with accurate information on the financial condition of the company. The Coca-Cola Company. The Financial statement includes the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and The Cash Flows shows all the information to be a one of publicly traded company with their assets, liabilities, and expenses in which will show if they are capable to be in public. One of the advantage of Publicly Traded Company is to have an initial public offering in which it increase public awareness because it generates publicity to sell their products or services to potential investors. This is exactly what Coca-Cola did in terms of publicly communicating with the public by means of using web-site like Facebook, Twitter, and other social interaction with the people.

The Coca-Cola Company History

The Coca-Cola Company is a license and the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage company more than 500 brands, basically sparkling drinks with a variety of still beverages such as juices, ready-to drink coffees and teas, energy and sports drinks, and many more. Coca-Cola Company manufactured and recognized with their finished products and distributed 200 countries since 1886. They are known their branded beverages to be able to connect to consumers by providing a wide variety of selections to meet their likes and lifestyle option of the consumers. Coca-Cola Company had approximately between 70,400 and 11, 700 associates employed in United States including Puerto Rico. As of 2010 of December 31, approximately 18,600 associates employed in North America covered by collective bargaining. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2015. pp.) 1,2.) Based on the company’s operating structure for internal reporting as of December 31, 2010, their operating segments of which they called groups are Eurasia and Africa, Europe, Latin and North America, Pacific, Bottling Investments and the Corporate. One of their main competitors is Pepsi, Company Inc. in which my point of view is the fact that there is some stores like the fast food chain in which they only offer either Pepsi or Coke. The Coca-Cola Company is a huge company with their success all over the world.

Property, Plant, and Equipment

Purchases of Property, Plant and Equipment net of disposals for December 31, 2014, 2013 and 2012 were $2,406 million, $2,550 million and $2,780 million, respectively. Total capital expenditures for property, plant and equipment and the percentage of such totals by operating segment. Proceeds from disposals of property, plant and equipment were (223), (111), and (143) as of 2014, 2013, and 2012 respectively. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2015, p.62). Depreciation expense, including the depreciation expense of assets under capital leases, totaled $1,716 million, $1,727 million and $1,704 million in 2014, 2013 and 2012, respectively. Amortization expense for leasehold improvements...

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