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Public Vs Private Universities Essay

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Kaylah Hampton
Mrs. Sellers
English IV
November 18 2013
Public vs. Private
All high school seniors nationwide and even some juniors have heightened responsibility and many more difficult decisions to make. One of the main decisions is deciding on a plan for schooling after finally throwing their caps in the blue sky on graduation night. When considering and picking the most comfortable university for the student, there are many different factors to think long and hard about: seeing if the school offers the major of their choice or something that is of interest to them, deciding on a comfortably located university that fits each student's living situation perfectly, signing up and acquiring financial aid, and deciding on a public or private university. One of the factors mentioned ...view middle of the document...

This is where public and private institutions differentiate. Private universities rely mostly on tuition and private contributions for funding. (Public University vs. Private College) This fact alone explains why tuition is significantly higher. It is wrongfully thought that private instutions have a much lower student to faculty ratio. Up to 200 students could be enrolled in one class. It is also wrongfully thought that the students will get better teachers at private universities. Teachers teach the same material for the same subject, being at a public school will not take away from learning the same exact skills at a private school.
Stephanie A Babach, a student at Indiana State University feels that she is not missing out on anything by attending a public institution. She explains that she was very impressed with this university because they had a college plan all lined up for her. She is having a blast on campus. She also has most of her tuition paid for through financial aid, which is what most students struggle mainly to afford.
Jim Conway, a high school counselor, suggests students should not concern themselves with the cost of tuition. He reminds students daily that there are so many financial aid opportunities out there waiting for them. He says 60 to 65 percent of students nationwide are on some sort of financial support. Conway says with a private institution, students can also get financial air for their "better" education. Students attending public universities have been known to get 90 percent of their school covered and still work alongside those schools at private universities.
These opiniond from Jim Conway and Stephanie A Babach help to explain that it does not matter the financial situation of a student. With hardwork, and dedication to responsibility, any student may go to any school they desire.

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