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Public Transportation Vs Private Transportation Essay

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Transportation is use to easier the movement of people, animals, and goods from one location to another location. Nowadays, people use vehicles for transportation which they can easily manage their lifestyle well like, going to work, to school, and so on. Transportation can be divided into two categories which is public and private transportation. Public transportation is available to the general public and people can take it as long as they pay for it. Private transport is mostly owned by individuals. Among these two categories transportation, there are some difference aspect which are expensiveness, comfortableness, and the effect of environment.

By comparing the expensiveness among the public and private transportation, the cost that spend in public transportation is among RM 2.00 and RM ...view middle of the document...

Next, public transport and private transport also have different aspect in comfortableness. In private transport, passenger can relax and listen to the radio according to their wish, but in public transport, the seat is not enough for passengers, so passenger need to wait and catch the bus earlier to having a seat. Another that, public transport cannot feel more relax because they have other people apart themselves, they cannot adjust the seat and listen to the music with volume high. Besides, private car can make telephone calls in their own cars without any noise from outside world compare to the public transport, this is why nowadays, people usually like to use their own cars. This proves that private transport is more comfortable compare to public transport.

The last point is the effect to the environment compare to public transport and private transport. In festival week, most of them will use transportation to back to their hometown. Most of the passenger will choose private transport because private transport is faster than public transport. But this show the negative effect to the environment because when traffic jam, vehicles will produce exhaust fumes that can increase the pollution. The increasing usage of public transportation and less private transportation, there will be less pollution originated from exhaust fumes and the emission will decrease the exhaust fumes per capita to the minimum level. So the public transportation are environmentally friendly than the private transportation.

As a conclusion, the public transportation which is less expensive and less comfortable in contrast to private cars should be chosen with many reasons. Compared with private cars, private transport is environmentally friendly than the public transport. Public transportation should be selected because it can reduce the pollution in the world and it cost cheaper than private transport.

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