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Public Speaking Essay

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ILS (International Logistic Solutions)

With more than 40 years’ experience in global satellite communications, we currently provide satellite services in more than 100 countries. Our track record includes effectively delivering networks in remote or challenging locations for multinational corporations and government agencies.
We are the ideal choice for satellite broadband as:
We are one of the few service providers combining widespread satellite capability with extensive terrestrial network coverage, and effectively integrating the two.
Our Rapid Site Setup service has been specifically designed to meet the needs of construction companies and others operating in temporary and remote ...view middle of the document...

* Deliver an “always on” broadband service that is designed to exceed 99.7 per cent in most locations, boosting efficiency and minimizes downtime.
* Connection options: access IP broadband connectivity through a variety of options, such as connections:
a) Over satellite directly to the public Internet.
b) Through a virtual private network (VPN) that connects securely and cost-effectively to your corporate network using the Internet.
c) Via multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) circuit or leased line from the satellite hub to your headquarters, avoiding the public Internet.

Our Rapid Site Setup provides your organization with a broadband Internet connection at your remote sites. This is achieved via a small antenna, completely independent of the terrestrial network. The connection can be used for Web browsing, email and other IP applications. The satellite hub has high levels of resilience against power failures and is manned 24/7 with expert assistance available on call. From the hub connectivity is provided to the Internet and can support a secure VPN, or alternatively to...

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