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Public Speaking Essay

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1- Public speaking features communication between a speaker and an audience. The speaker does the talking while the audience listens. It is important to recognize how the audience is reacting when the speaker is delivering the message to make adjustments as needed.
Public speaking is audience centered. Message is centered to the needs and interest of the audience. It is important to keep in mind the audience interest and needs.
Public speaking emphasizes the spoken word. A combination of gestures, postures, voice intonation, eye contact and other body language will have impact on the speech.
Public speaking is usually a prepared presentation. The speech is planned and executed before the ...view middle of the document...

This skill is particularly relevant, because both speaker and audience can convey and understand the information. Paying attention to the audience can help the speaker on modifying the tone of voice, the rate of speed or some other aspect of the delivery method.

3- Methods for delivering oral presentation;
Reading from a manuscript; This method is used to express a point without deviating, is used mainly by politician, new anchors and lawyers. The disadvantage of this method is that limits the eye contact with the audience and monotone tone of voice.
Memorizing from a manuscript; The benefit of this method is that since there is no barrier between the speaker and the audience thus maintaining eye contact with the audience. The disadvantages of this method are that listeners may view the speech as a stale performance and also memorizing is very challenging especially on long speech.
Speaking from an outline; This method has all the advantages of the reading and memorizing and none of the disadvantages.

4- Some ways to used voice and body effectively when giving a presentation are; controlling the volume, the tone of voice, the rate of delivery (The speed of the speech), the projection, pausing between sentences, articulation so the audience can clearly understand the message, and the pronunciation during the speech; but also, employing non verbal delivery such as appearance, physical movements, eye contact, gestures, and proxemics. I need to improve in all areas; my public speaking skill requires me to develop more confidence in myself. I hope to see by the end of this course a huge improvement on my communication skills.

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