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Public Services Essay

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Structure of the British police

In this assignment I will be explaining about the structure of jobs in the police and then appraise my performance and then compare it to the perfect team member’s performance.
Response officers: These are the men and women who respond to 999 calls they can be urgent or just silly calls everyone starts of here in the police force. its often considered the hard part of policing because it has such harsh shifts and typically the more dangerous role as well. They do house raids they have very mixed activities they can do different levels of driving for example pursuit driving class 1 and some plain clothes work. They can also be sent to assist ambulances in ...view middle of the document...

They have intense training making sure they are good at what they do.
Dog section: This group provides dog support for the police they mainly have all purpose dogs they are usually German Shepards which can be used in many situation for example crowd control and as well as tracking people or criminals. They are also providing good sniffer dogs they can sniff out drugs bombs weapons pretty much everything. This group receives a lot of training because you have to know how to look after and handle your dog and know what to do in certain situations.
Criminal investigations department: This is a group of detectives who work on serious crimes like for example big bank robberies or murders they are the real Sherlock's they have a lot of training and have to pass a lot of tests and prove them self to become a detective and work with this group in the police.
Community safety: These are the people who take on the role of looking after the victims of domestic violence after the police have dealt with the initial complaint.
Communications: These people provide radio communications so they can let the police officers know about a new call that has come in and send jobs to their computers. They also operate a radio to give the officers help or a location of where someone or something is to help them.
Custody team: These guys look after the prison inmates and ensure their welfare is maintaned.the job of the custody officer is to authorise the detentions of the persons at the police station.
Counter terrorism: These guys work on reducing terrorism and finding out information about terrorism and if they can stop it.
I was involved in a task called floors made of lava. The only way to get across was using the equipment issued to us and we could not touch the floor or we would be dead. I think I was a good team...

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